Scheduling Info & Resources

Important Scheduling Info & Change Deadline Dates


M4 rotations can be scheduled in either 2 week or 4 week rotations. This includes: away rotations scheduled through VSLO or Clinician Nexus, independent studies, home rotations or electives. The Registrar’s Office will work with you to ensure registration fits into the UCF COM block dates.

M3 electives are only scheduled in 4 week blocks.

Please see below for the block dates and schedule change deadlines for each block for the M4 Class of 2025 & M3 Class of 2026 (2024-2025 academic year).

M3 Class of 2025 block 12 deadline for the 2023-2024 AY:

    • Block 12 (M3 only) dates: 4/29/2024-5/24/2024
    • Schedule change deadline: March 18, 2024

Academic Calendars


Important Scheduling Information

  1. All scheduling and changes must be facilitated by or reported to the COM Registrar at
  2. You should never reach out to a faculty member or the clinical site directly to schedule a rotation that is listed in the course directory. Even if a faculty member tells you that you can take their elective, you must still schedule through the Registrar’s office. Faculty may not be aware of site credentialing requirements for rotations or scheduling availability of the site.
  3. Under no circumstances may you withdraw from a rotation with less than 6 week notice. Professionalism action may be a result of non-compliance.
  4. Schedule requests will not be considered after the 6 week deadline except in extenuating circumstances (such as the cancellation by the site of a previously planned for elective or emergency situation).
  5. There are no scheduled holidays. If you’re at an on-call/house rotation, please check with your team to see what your holiday responsibilities are. If you’re at a private practice you will work the regular office hours for that holiday.
  6. Check the Elective Directory for first day reporting at least one month in advance for the start of a rotation.
  7. Submit petitions for independent studies, AIs and away rotations by the deadlines above.
  8. You are responsible for making sure you have scheduled all of your required coursework.


Request a schedule change

Elective Course Directory, Descriptions & Resources

Elective Course Directory

The Elective Course Directory contains information for M3 & M4 home electives such as course titles, numbers, availability, duration, location, credit type, requirements and first day reporting information. Course titles listed in this directory correspond with the Course Descriptions document (linked in next section).

This directory will be updated throughout the year as information and course availability change. Always note the latest date at the top of the sheet. New course offerings will also be added through the year. Please ensure you use the link on this page for the most current information.



Elective Course Descriptions

The document below contains the descriptions of each elective course offered that can be scheduled through the UCF COM Registrar. Corresponding course details will be found in the Elective Course Directory.

Elective COURSE DESCRIPTIONS (January 2024)


Request a schedule change


Past Student Feedback on Rotations

Student feedback for M4 rotations can be found in the Student Lounge.

M4 Graduation Rules & Requirements

M4 Graduation Requirements

M4 students must complete the below requirements in order to graduate and are responsible for tracking your progress of requirements met:

  • Must complete 32 weeks of coursework
  • Must have at least 16 weeks of HOME rotations
  • May have up to 16 weeks of AWAY rotation
  • Two of your 4 week rotations must be:
    • 1 Acting Internship & 1 Emergency Med or Critical Care (one of each)
      • Your AI and EM/CC rotations can be HOME or AWAY
      • You may do more, but at least one of each is required for all M4 students
  • SIX months of electives (can be taken in 2 or 4 week blocks only) must meet the following:
    • No more than 16 weeks in ONE specialty
    • MUST take 4 weeks of CLINICAL courses in the spring
    • MAX of 12 weeks of NON-CLINICAL
    • MAX of 8 weeks of RESEARCH (counts towards the 12 weeks non-clinical coursework)
  • Up to 12 weeks OFF time


Acting Internship Requirement

All M4 students must complete at least one acting internship (a.k.a. AI, sub-Internship, sub-I) in the M4 year. If you plan to complete your AI credit through an away rotation, the rotation must meet the following requirements & definition:

  1. AI credit will not be given to rotations explicitly referred to as “elective” or “advanced elective” in program provided descriptions.
  2. AI credit must be pre-approved through a petition, will not be retroactively granted and will also not be granted based on faculty stating you were doing AI level work.
  3. The rotation must be considered an AI by the hosting institution in which the rotation description should reference “AI, sub-I or intern level of responsibility.”


Per the M-4 Rotation Requirements Policy (6.5.1):

“An acting internship (AI) is an intensive inpatient (to include the emergency room) experience where learners have primary responsibility for patient care and a direct reporting relationship to faculty, fellows, or upper level residents.  Reporting to interns is not considered an appropriate level of supervision for an AI.  Primary responsibility for patient care includes; primary evaluation of patients, primary responsibility for writing patient notes and orders, providing an initial management plan, and assisting with the implementation and coordination of management plans to include performing procedures as appropriate.”

To read the full policy, click here.

Petitions for Away Rotations, Independent Clinical Study, Research and International Electives

Petitions for Independent Study: Clinical Rotations – HOME or AWAY

If you are completing a clinical rotation supervised by a UCF faculty member that is not offered as an existing elective,  or for ALL Away rotations you must complete and submit the form below. Your rotation will be registered on Oasis as either MDE 8900 (home) or MDX 8011 (away). Prior approval is required.

DOWNLOAD & COMPLETE THE Clinical Rotation Form


Submit Course Petitions


Petitions for Research – Home or Away

If you are completing research at home or at an an away institution you must complete and submit the form below. Your rotation will be registered on Oasis as either MDR 8900 (home) or MDX 8900 (away). Prior approval is required.

DOWNLOAD & COMPLETE THE Research Rotation Form


Submit Course Petitions


Petitions for International Electives

If you are completing an independent study as an international elective  you must complete and submit the form below. Your rotation will be registered on Oasis as MDE 8072. Prior approval is required. Please visit the Before you Travel page for Global Health for additional information about international elective requirements & steps.

COMING SOON petition for international electives


Sample course Description

Course descriptions for clinical rotations must be provided with the completed petition form. Please see below for an example document of what must be submitted with your petition.

Sample Away Rotation Description

Important 4th Year Contacts
Evaluations for Away Rotations (MDX courses)

Evaluation Forms for Away Rotations

If you are completing a rotation at an away institution you must provide the UCF COM evaluation form to your supervisor prior to the end of your rotation. Evaluators should email completed forms to We cannot accept evaluations sent directly from students.

Away rotations are coded as MDX courses on your Oasis registration.

Download UCF COM Away Rotation Evaluation Form

Evaluations for Home Rotations (MDE, MDR, MDI Courses)

It is a requirement to complete this short survey for each block you are enrolled in an elective home rotation. Once this information is received, your evaluation will be added to OASIS. When your rotation is complete, your preceptor must complete this evaluation in order for you to receive a grade for this rotation.

Please note a preceptor can be an attending, fellow, or clerkship director you have worked with during your rotation but not a resident.

Home rotations are coded as MDE, MDR or MDI courses on your Oasis registration.


VSLO, Clinician Nexus & Other Rotation Scheduling

UCF COM utilizes VSLO to schedule away rotations. However, not all institutions use VSLO. Host institutions typically begin accepting applications in April-May. Most do not begin processing applications until May. The Registrar will send you an email invitation for access to VSLO on February 1.

For VSLO home school requirements, the Registrar’s Office will upload your documents for you automatically.

VSLO charges a flat fee of $15 for each elective. Clinician Nexus is free, but does require a background check and drug screen through Pre-Check which has a fee.

VSLO resources

VSLO Resources and Trainings Page

VSLO Student Webinar 2023-2024

How to use VSLO


Find Electives


Clinician Nexus

Students must notify the Registrar’s Office when accepted to a rotation or when they have dropped one through CN.

If there are documents that must be uploaded by the home institution, students must notify the Registrar’s office. Notifications for these requirements are not sent to the office like the VSLO system.

Important Note: HCA Osceola requires updated background and drug screens through PreCheck. This site will not accept updated background checks from any other company or website.


Away Rotation Resources

Away Rotation Checklist Resource by Motivate MD

M4 Survival Guide Checklist

Quick overview of your MUST DO student responsibilities in M4 year:

  1. Tracking your course schedule and meeting requirements
    • Audit your own schedules at least three times this academic year to ensure you are on track to meet graduation requirements (see Graduation Requirements section)
  2. Submit requests for schedule changes by the deadlines published on this page
    • All scheduling changes must be facilitated or reported to the COM Registrar
  3. Submit petitions for independent studies,  away rotations and research by the deadlines published on this page
  4. Get approval for Acting Internships at away rotations before the start of the block
  5. Ensure that all credentialing requirements are completed by the site deadlines
  6. Review first day reporting instructions at least ONE MONTH prior to the start of rotation
    • See course directory excel file for first day instructions
  7. Request time off for interviews, advisor meetings, MSPE meetings, or conferences in advance (at least 2 weeks).
    • You should request time off from your attendings…not tell them you are taking time off
    • Review the attendance policy
  8. Ask away rotation preceptors to complete your evaluation before leaving the site. Completed evaluations should be emailed to the inbox
Policies and Requests

Relevant M4 Policies

All policies below can be found on the Policies page under the Curriculum Policies section:

  • M-4 Rotation Requirements Policy 6.5.1
  • Duty Hours Policy 8.8.1
  • Attendance Policy 8.8.2
  • Clinical Supervision of Medical Students Policy 9.3.1


Absence Requests

Request time off for interviews, advisor meetings, MSPE meetings, or conferences in advance (at least 2 weeks).

    1. Review the attendance policy
    2. You should request time off from your attendings. Do not tell them you are taking time off, ask them.
    3. M3/M4 Absence Request Form

Scheduling Snapshot

Scheduling Snapshot

  • If the course title or description references: sub-I, AI or performing at the level of an intern – these are generally counted for the AI graduation requirement credit (see the M4 Graduation & AI Requirements section above). Advanced approval is still required.
  • All Advent Health (AH), Orlando Health (OH) and Nemours courses MUST be scheduled through VSLO
  • All HCA Osceola courses MUST be scheduled through Clinician Nexus
  • All UCF COM, VA and Private Office courses listed in the Course Directory MUST be scheduled through the UCF COM Registrar at
  • Affiliation agreements may be required for M4 away rotations. Please have the institution’s representatives contact Alisha Corsi at
  • It is the student’s responsibility to verify where and whom they report to before the start of each course no later than one month before the start of the rotation.  Some courses require that you contact the faculty a week before the start of the rotation.
  • All M4 students should login to PACTS and view the instructional guide on the credentialing long form.  Once students have completed the long form each student should verify ALL documents for each site that they are scheduled to rotate at.  Students should delete forms in PACTS that are outdated.
  • Students rotating at an HCA hospital will be required to complete a recent background check and drug screen through Pre-Check. Additional details will be listed in Clinician Nexus.

Request a schedule change

Tropical Storm/Hurricane Season Protocol for M4 Students

Hurricane & Tropical Storm Protocol

When a named tropical storm or hurricane is forecasted to impact our area, it is vital that you follow the instructions and guidelines provided by your assigned preceptor. Your preceptor will be the primary point of contact during these situations, and they will inform you if you should report to clinical duties or not.

In severe weather conditions, your safety is our utmost priority, and we want to ensure you are not put at risk during your clinical rotations. Therefore, if your preceptor advises you not to report to clinical duties during a Named Tropical Storm/Hurricane, please follow their instructions promptly and stay safe at home.

In the event of any changes to your clinical schedule or if you have any concerns about the impact of weather conditions on your duties, please communicate directly with your preceptor or the clinical coordinator.

Let’s all stay vigilant and prepared during this Named Tropical Storm/Hurricane Season. Your safety matters to us, and we are here to support you throughout your medical education journey.

Stay safe, and take care!

Best regards,

Magdalena Pasarica M.D., Ph.D.
Professor of Medicine
Assistant Dean of Medical Education for M3/4
Medical Director, KNIGHTS student-run free clinic
Family Medicine Chair of Education, FMIG Advisor
UCF College of Medicine | 6850 Lake Nona Blvd, Orlando, FL 32827-7408
(407) 266-1126 |   (407) 266-1199 |


Last update 8/3/2023

UCF COM Elective Resources

Elective Orientation Module

Please review this module before starting any elective offering:

Elective Orientation Module

MDE 8040 – Medical Spanish

MDE 8040 – Medical Spanish

The Medical Spanish elective is offered in blocks 5-10. Course contents will be provided in Webcourses and more details will be sent via the course coordinator in advance of the block start date.

Students are required to attend a virtual practical session based on block registration and dates are non-negotiable. If you cannot commit to the virtual practical date please do not register for the block.


2023-2024 Virtual Practical Dates
  • Block 5
    • November 16, 2023 from 1:00-5:00pm
  • Block 6
    • December 14, 2023 from 8:30am-12:30pm
  • Block 7
    • December 14, 2023 from 1:00-5:00pm
  • Block 8
    • February 22, 2024 from 1:00-5:00pm
  • Blocks 9-11
    • April 4, 2024 from 8:30am-12:30pm



FAQs for Medical Spanish



Course Contacts

Brenda Perez –

MDE 8900 – Aquifer

MDE 8900 – Aquifer

The Aquifer elective is available in any block. M4 students may enroll in the course for a maximum of 4 weeks. This can be a full 4 week block or a combination of two 2 week blocks anytime within the M4 year. Course contents will be provided in Webcourses.

Read on if you are enrolled in this course for the 2023-2024 academic year. Please read the instructions below carefully, as there have been some improvements to the structure since last AY.

Webcourses information: 


Course Description

You will be completing 25 cases during this 2-week elective course.  You can select any aquifer cases from one/more specialties, as long as you have not completed them in the past. All specialties or combinations of specialties are accepted. Submit final assignment with proof of case completion in Webcourses.


Required Assignment

Complete all 25 cases, download the case summary, and take a snapshot of the top portion of the “case summary” that includes your name, email, and date of completion (between June 5, 2023- last day of your enrolled block). Add this snapshot to the template word file in the assignment in Webcourses. Sample below:

Case number Acknowledgement (snapshot from aquifer “download case summary PDF”)


Deadline for Submission of required assignment

5 pm on the last day of the course of the block you are enrolled in


As this course is based on self-regulating behavior:

  • You can complete the aquifer cases at any point during the academic year that you signed up for the course, as long as the required assignment is submitted before 5 PM on the last day of the block for which you are enrolled. Please ensure that you have announcement notifications turned on.
  • Excused absences are granted as per M3/4 attendance policy NO other extensions will be considered.



This is a Pass/Fail course. As this is a self-directed learning course, you will not be reminded to complete your work. Late submission of the assignment will lead to a Fail grade in this course.

You will receive a Pass grade if you:

  • Submit on time the assignment in webcourses (proof of completion for the 25 aquifer cases)
  • Have not received a red or yellow card for professionalism in this course

You will receive a Fail grade if you:

  • Submit late the assignment in webcourses (proof of completion for the 25 aquifer cases)
  • have received a red or yellow card for professionalism issues in this course


Course Contacts

Course Director: Magdalena Pasarica MD, PhD

Course Co-Director: Giselle Castaneira, MD

Course Administrators: Elizabeth Webber



MDE 8227 – Advanced ECG Self-Study Program

MDE 8227 – Advanced ECG

This course is a 2 week, non-clinical online elective offered by Dr. Bernard Gros. This elective consists of assigned readings, e-learning modules, Kuracloud lessons, and a Powerpoint presentation on an assigned topic.


Course details

A Zoom meeting with the module director (Dr Gros) will be scheduled for Monday AM on the first day of the module.

    • E-mail Dr Gros ( prior to the first day of the module to schedule your Zoom meeting on Monday – first day of module.
    • If you need to schedule an alternative time – you must make arrangements with Dr Gros.
    • Topic options for PowerPoint presentation will be discussed and must be approved by Dr Gros.
  • A time will be scheduled for the presentation to take place via Zoom during the 2 week module
  • Presentation will be 20-30min in duration covering the assigned ECG topic


Course resources and info
  1. Assigned Reading:  Introduction to ECG Interpretation Version10.0 – Dr Frank Yanowitz
  2. Contact Elizabeth Webber for ECG Elective Assigned Reading Pamphlet
  3. ECG Self Study Elective orientation PPT 2022-23
  4. Execute three Umedic e-learning ECG learning modules: 1) Umedic Essential Electrocardiography, 2) Umedic essential arrhythmias, and 3)  Umedic Essential Electrocardiography cases
    1. Umedic Essential Electrocardiography
    2. Umedic Essential Arrhythmias
    3. Umedic Essential Electrocardiography Cases
  5. Completion of 6 Kuracloud ECG Lessons (10 – 20 ECG cases per lesson)
  6. Additional literature review on ECG topics as needed
  7. As needed, student will schedule meetings with faculty/module director to receive guidance in ECG interpretation.
  8. Assembling a PowerPoint presentation on an assigned topic and make a presentation during the 2 week block at a scheduled time with module director


Course contacts

Course Director:  Dr. Bernard Gros –

Elective Administrator: Elizabeth Webber –

EdTech Coordinator: Kuracloud access – Melissa Cowan –

Site Specific Information

The resources below are site specific and provided.

Lake Nona VA & Bay Pines VA

Lake Nona VA

On-boarding Instructions: a Step by Step Guide

Step 1

Once you have been scheduled at the Orlando VA, an email invitation will come from the VA ONE MONTH prior to your start date.

The email will come from the – this is an automated email from the VA system. If you do not see the email around one month before you start be sure to check your spam folder!

The email will look like this:


Step 2

Set up your account with your school given email address using the link found in the email above.

If you have an existing account using a personal (non-school) email account, you MUST create a new account using your school email address.

If you need to create an account see the graphic below for the menu navigation:


Step 3

Log into the MVI Dashboard and enter your invitation code, which can be found in the invitation email from Step 1. The screens should look like the below:

Step 4

Complete the documentation in the MVI Dashboard – for a step by step guide to completing the documents review the VA IAM Invitation Service Guide (this document can also be found on PACTS).

Step 5

After you have completed all of the documents in the MVI Dashboard from Step 4, you will need to complete the Mandatory Training for Trainees module (a.k.a. MTT).

Step 6

You will need to schedule two separate appointments utilizing your school email address.

For each of these appointments you will need to bring with you TWO forms of valid government approved documentation.

Click the following link to see a  list of acceptable ID documents for Onboarding Appointment and PIV Badge Pick Up Appointment.

Make sure they haven’t expired!


Step 7

Schedule your On-boarding appointment on the AI Scheduler website.

At this appointment you will complete your fingerprints, ID photo, additional on-boarding paperwork.

Step 8

Schedule your PIV badge pick up appointment.

This can only be scheduled AFTER you have completed your On-boarding appointment.

You will need to schedule your badge pick up appointment using the AI Scheduler website.

Step 9

You will receive an email from the VA Coordinators with additional documents to complete and first day reporting instructions.

Additional documents you need to review & complete will include the following:


Helpful Resources

Lake Nona VA building map


Lake Nona VA Ophthalmology Course Document

  1. Curriculum Objectives & Grading
  2. Ophthalmoscopy Evaluation
  3. Practical Pre and Post Test
  4. Red Eye Case Handout
  5. Schedule
  6. Eye Exam Documentation
  7. Course Reading and Online Assignment
  8. Ophthalmology Videos


Bay Pines VA

Housing may be available but not guaranteed. Please reach out to to ask about availability.


Onboarding Instructions

Coming soon!


MDE 8702 Anesthesia with Dr. Julio Warren

Dr. Warren has provided information to be reviewed prior to the start of this anesthesia rotation. Please review the documents below:

HCA Sites

HCA Osceola Instructions

Badges, Time sheets & Parking Passes

All badges, time sheets and parking passes MUST be returned to Jennifer Barcom in the MOB 201. Failure to return these items will result in delay of future rotations at the site.

Acceptable ways to return these items:

  • Return to the box outside of Jennifer’s office
  • Slide under Jennifer’s office door if the door is locked
  • Return items to any staff in the office

For questions, please reach out to Jennifer Barcom, Medical Student Coordinator for GME at HCA Florida-Osceola Hospital

Away Rotations & applying through Clinician Nexus

HCA Osceola requires updated background and drug screens through PreCheck. This site will not accept updated background checks from any other company or website.

Must apply through Clinician Nexus. Students must notify the Registrar’s Office when accepted to a rotation or when they have dropped one through CN.


Past Student Feedback on Rotations

Student feedback for M4 rotations can be found in the Student Lounge.

Nemours Resources

MDE 8490 & MDI 8490 Elective and Acting Internship in Pediatric Surgery with Dr. Tamarah Westmoreland

Please review the following materials prior to beginning your rotation in either Peds Surgery course:


Past Student Feedback on Rotations

Student feedback for M4 rotations can be found in the Student Lounge.

Naples Resources

Naples Community Hospital – IM Clerkship Information


Past Student Feedback on Rotations

Student feedback for M4 rotations can be found in the Student Lounge.

UCF Health
UCF Health IM Orientation Powerpoint UCF Health IM Site Descriptions  

Past Student Feedback on Rotations

Student feedback for M4 rotations can be found in the Student Lounge.  



Petition forms for Away & Home Rotations

Petition form for Clinical Rotations (VSLO/CN/Home & Away Rotations)

Petition form for Research (Home & Away)

Updated Petition form for International Electives


Evaluation form for End of Rotation M4s

UCF COM Evaluation Form for M4 End of Rotation

Time Off Request Form

M3 & M4 Absence Request Form


Document Request forms from the COM Registrar

Enrollment Documentation Request Form

Unofficial Transcript Request Form


Official Transcript Requests




Resources for Planning M4 Year