Schedule and Deadlines

All requests to add a rotation at the VA must be submitted no later than 60 days before the start of the rotation due to credentialing requirements.

  • **Requests are due a week early due to the holiday break
  • ***Schedule requests will not be considered after the 6 week deadline except in extenuating circumstances (such as the cancellation of a previously planned for elective)
  • ****All change of elective forms are due one month before the start of the rotation. Registration will not be updated until a signed change of elective form is received by the Registrar’s Office. For insurance purposes, students should not report to a rotation that they are not registered for, so it is critical that a change of elective form is turned in prior to the rotation start date.
  • *****Under no circumstances may you withdraw from a rotation with less than 30 days notice.
  • ******There are no scheduled holidays.  If you’re at an on-call/house rotation, please check with your team to see what your holiday responsibilities are.  If you’re at a private practice you will work the regular office hours for that holiday.

Form Information

Please make sure that all signatures are obtained prior to turning the form into Student Affairs (student, advisor, supervising faculty).

  • If you are completing an independent study, a research study, or a clinical rotation that is being supervised by a UCF faculty member, complete this form.
  • If you are completing an away rotation, or doing an independent or research study at an away institution, complete this form. You must also submit the following evaluation form to your supervisor prior to the end of your rotation and have them mail or email the completed evaluation to Alisha Corsi.
  • If you are completing an international elective, complete this form.

All schedule change requests require that you fill out a Course Change Request Form and have it signed by your advising academy leader.


International Electives

Rotation Instructions

  • It is the student’s responsibility to verify where and whom they report to before the start of each course no later than the Wednesday before the start of the rotation.  Some courses require that you contact the faculty a week before the start of the rotation.
  • If you are taking a course that is held at COM you will need a parking permit. You must park your car in student parking areas. Parking in other assigned areas will put you at risk of receiving a parking violation.
  • Course objectives and goals can be found in the course catalogue.  If you have any additional questions regarding the course requirements please ask your supervising preceptor.
  • You should meet with your preceptor on the 1st day to discuss their expectations of you.
  • Expect an Acting Internship to be more rigorous than an elective.
  • Remind your preceptor to complete your evaluation.  They will be sent an evaluation mid-way through your rotation via OASIS.  If your preceptor cannot login have them contact Ken Staack and he will provide login instructions.  Once you leave the site it becomes difficult to get the evaluation.  Your help in obtaining a completed evaluation is greatly appreciated!
  • If you want to take a hard copy of the evaluation to your preceptor you can print one out at the following link  Return the completed evaluation to Ken Staack via email or fax to his attention.
  • All course and faculty evaluations need to be completed in OASIS for you to view your grade in OASIS.
  • All M4 students should login to PACTS and view the instructional guide on the credentialing long form.  Once students have completed the long form each student should verify ALL documents for each site that they are scheduled to rotate at.   All documents in PACTs need to have a 2020 date.  Students should delete forms in PACTS that are not dated with a 2020 date.
  • Students are responsible for completing all credentialing paperwork or they will be at risk from being dropped from the scheduled rotation.
  • Students rotating at an HCA hospital will be required to complete a recent background check and drug screen through Pre-Check. Additional details will be listed in Clinician Nexus.

Orlando VA Information



To request a transcript, visit your myUCF account.


Contact Information

For questions on affiliation agreements or residency paperwork, please contact Alisha Corsi. For questions on VSLO, away rotations, scheduling and 4th year requirements, forms and transcripts, please contact Student Affairs. For time off requests, questions regarding evaluations or site requirements, faculty concerns and OASIS issues, please contact Ken Staack. For credentialing questions, please contact Karen Peterson.