The Department of Medical Education’s mission is to develop, enhance, and evaluate educational programs for students involved in the basic science and clinical curriculum at the College of Medicine.

COM’s Values

We value the individual worth, dignity, and well-being of those with whom we teach, study, work, and serve. The core values that guide our conduct, performance, and decisions, and that form the foundation for our relationships are:


  • Excellence – to achieve the highest standards in everything we do
  • Integrity – to be honest, ethical, and consistent in our actions
  • Patient-centricity – to focus on the health and wellness of patients in all that we do
  • Knowledge-centricity – to discover, create, value, evaluate, and share knowledge
  • Creativity – to be curious, open, and innovative
  • Collaboration – to work together regardless of organizational boundaries
  • Communication – to listen and be open and transparent with students, patients, and colleagues
  • Diversity – to be inclusive and value differences
  • Reverence – to treat each person with respect and dignity and value his or her being
  • Compassion – to treat others with kindness and empathy
  • Dedication – to maintain commitment to the mission
  • Service – to understand and respond to the needs of individuals and the community

Medical Education Department’s Vision

Through the pursuit of excellence in teaching and learning, the Medical Education Department aims to expand and enrich the UCF College of Medicine community of scholars devoted to the educational enterprise of the School of Medicine. The department closely associates with the Department of Clinical Sciences to enhance the integration of basic science in the clinical curriculum.

COM’s Goals

  • Goal 1: Excel in medical and biomedical education
  • Goal 2: Excel in research and discovery: in biomedical sciences, medical education and health care
  • Goal 3: Provide outstanding, innovative, patient-centered care while transforming health-care delivery
  • Goal 4: Be America’s leading partnership college of medicine
  • Goal 5: Achieve a diversified self-sustaining infrastructure to support future operations




Health Science Campus at Lake Nona

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