For your convenience, we have compiled the list of frequently asked questions regarding our college. Answers to these and many additional questions can be found throughout the About the College area of our website.

Can I apply as a visiting medical student to UCF College of Medicine?

Currently, we are not accepting visiting students but will in the near future.

I have changed my name since graduation? Who should I notify at UCF College of Medicine?

Once you have graduated, your name on your academic record remains the same.

Where do I turn in student loan deferment forms?

College of Medicine Registrar’s Office, 6850 Lake Nona Bldg., Suite 115, Orlando, FL 32827-7408

Can someone else pick up my transcript order?

Official transcripts can be released to released to authorized third party only if designated upon submission of transcript request form or authorization can be given at the time of requesting official transcript online. Designee must present photo ID.

If I discover I had a financial or student health services hold, once I clear up my hold, how long will it be before my transcript is released?

Within 24 hours of the time the hold is released in the University’s system, the M.D. Registrar verifies the release, and the ability to request a transcript is made available. A transcript can be produced within 24 hours thereafter.

How much does each transcript cost?

Official transcripts cost for M.D. program has been assessed as part of yearly fees. However, the transcripts cost for other UCF undergraduate or graduate programs is $10.00 per copy effective January 1, 2008.

How long does it take to get a transcript?

Requests require two (2) business days to process unless you have asked for a hold.