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At the University of Central Florida, biomedical researchers are advancing our understanding of human disease and developing innovative methods of treatment.

Many are engaged in research on the world’s most prevalent and serious health problems, including cancer and cardiovascular, infectious and neurodegenerative diseases. They are making discoveries taking cures from the bench to the bedside, helping the citizens of Florida, the nations and world.

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About the Burnett School

The mission of the Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences (BSBS) is to provide quality undergraduate and graduate programs in the biomedical sciences and build excellent research programs focused on cancer and cardiovascular, neurological, and infectious diseases.

Our faculty are working to take science discoveries from the bench to the bedside.  In addition to conducting cutting edge research in biomedicine with potential application to curing major diseases, the School is committed to helping to develop a technology-based industry in Florida.  Read More…

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