General liability and professional liability coverage (commonly referred to as malpractice coverage) is provided to students while in an approved course of study or training program at limits of $1,000,000 per occurrence, when not subject to personal immunity. If you are in your fourth year and interested in participating in an elective at a clinical site that requires more coverage, please contact Student Affairs (Office of the Registrar) for a list of potential options for additional coverage.

For students who participate in community/service learning or extracurricular activities, coverage is not automatic.  To request coverage for an extracurricular activity, the student must contact Student Affairs to request an Extracurricular Activity Approval Form AND receive approval PRIOR to participating in the activity. If approval is not obtained prior to participating, the activity will not be covered.

This information does not amend, alter or modify the protection afforded by the UCF COM Self-Insurance Program and is not fully descriptive of all conditions and restrictions. For further information, please contact Student Affairs.