The College of Medicine M.D. Registrar is responsible for maintaining permanent records and documents that pertain to each matriculated student’s progress through medical school. These records include application materials, medical school evaluations, official transcripts of all medical school coursework, documentation of grade changes, USMLE scores and USMLE ID number, official dates of enrollment, Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE), documentation of dismissal or withdrawal, copy of diploma, copy of Federation of State Medical Boards and other state licensing forms. The procedures used in managing these records are consistent with established standards and existing regulations. As a student, the educational records are considered confidential. Under most circumstances an individual student’s records will not be released without the student’s written and signed consent.

The College of Medicine M.D. Registrar provides access to student records to faculty and administrative staff with a legitimate educational interest. Students have the right, under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), to inspect and review their educational records. Student records submitted to the university become the property of the university and cannot be returned to or copied for the student or released to a third party. Students may request to amend their records under the provisions outlined in the regulation. Challenges to medical student academic records will follow the appeal process included in the university’s Golden Rule to be adapted for the College of Medicine.

Please click here to review the complete UCF COM official policy on Access to Educational Records and Information on Reviewing.