The Division of Molecular Microbiology conducts basic and applied research related to bacterial, parasitic and viral diseases that are of major public health concern. Our research is focused to two broad areas:

Our major topics of interest include HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, mechanisms of antimicrobial resistance, enteric diseases, toxins, and diagnostics. Student training and development are integral components of faculty research.

Division Faculty

    Dr. Salvador Almagro-Moreno
  • Title: Assistant Professor
  • Office: BMS 125A
  • Phone: 407.823.3982; 407.823.3987 (lab)
  • Emergence and Evolution of Bacterial Pathogens
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    Dr. Debopam Chakrabarti
  • Title: Professor & Molecular Microbiology Division Leader
  • Office: Biomedical Research Annex (BRA) 140
  • Phone: 407.882.2256
  • Studies molecular mechanisms of the intraerythrocytic life cycle of the malaria parasite, Plasmodium falciparum, and discovery of antimalarials from natural products and natural product-like synthetic compounds.
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    Dr. Alexander M. Cole
  • Title: Professor
  • Office: BMS 236A
  • Phone: 407.823.3633
  • Studies host defense of human mucosal surfaces, with particular emphasis on Staphylococcus aureus nasal carriage, and HIV transmission and pathogenesis.
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    Dr. Amy Cole
  • Title: Research Associate Professor
  • Office: BMS 236
  • Phone: 407.823.0918
  • Studies how bacterial vaginosis-associated bacteria alter mucosal barrier defense against HIV in the female reproductive tract (FRT), in the pursuit of new drugs that provide anti-HIV activity without disturbing the FRT mucosa and resident healthy microbiome.
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    Dr. Sean D. Moore
  • Title: Associate Professor
  • Office: BMS 336A
  • Phone: 407.823.2188
  • Focuses on bacterial physiology with an emphasis on how the quality of protein synthesis is affected by antibiotics and environmental factors.
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    Dr. Saleh A. Naser
  • Title: Associate Director, Graduate Affairs & Professor
  • Office: BMS 136
  • Phone: 407.823.0955
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    Dr. Herve Roy
  • Title: Associate Professor
  • Office: Biomedical Research Annex (BRA) 128
  • Phone: 407.882.2253
  • Investigates lipid remodeling systems used by bacteria to adapt the biochemical properties of the plasma membrane to suit conditions in their environment.
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    Dr. William T. Self
  • Title: Associate Director of Undergraduate Affairs & Associate Professor
  • Office: BMS 124
  • Phone: 407.823.4262
  • Studies the role of metalloenzymes in Clostridium difficile that play a primary role in energy metabolism, and in the role of selenoenzymes in a variety of bacterial model systems.
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    Dr. Ken Teter
  • Title: Professor
  • Office: Biomedical Research Annex (BRA) 142
  • Phone: 407.882.2247
  • Studies the cell biology of AB-type protein toxins such as Shiga toxin, cholera toxin, and ricin.
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Dr. Robert Borgon                                                           Dr. Camilla Ambivero

Title: Assistant Professor                                                 Title: Assistant Professor

Office: HPA II 317                                                              Office: HPA II 309

Phone: 407.823.5798                                                        Phone: 407.823.0174

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Dr. Alicia Hawthorne

Title: Assistant Professor

Office: HPA II 338

Phone: 407.823.4866

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Affiliated Faculty


Dr. Shibu Yooseph

Title: Professor of Computer Science,

Genomics & Bioinformatics Cluster Lead

Office: HEC 239A

Phone: 407-823-5307