Admissions FAQ

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For your convenience, we have compiled the list of frequently asked questions regarding our M.D. program admissions process. Answers to these and many additional questions can be found throughout the admissions area of our website.

Will the UCF M.D. program accept applicants who are currently participating in upper-level degree programs such as Master’s, Ph.D. , or other professional-level degrees?

Applicants who are currently accepted to a Ph.D. or other professional-level degrees are required to complete all degree requirements prior to matriculation to the M.D. Program. We highly encourage those accepted to a Master’s degree program to complete that program prior to matriculation into the M.D. Program.

Will student housing be available near the medical school?

Neither UCF nor the College of Medicine plan to provide on-campus housing to M.D. Program students at the Health Sciences campus at Lake Nona. Dean German is working with community leadership to ensure that adequate housing at a fair price is available to the medical students in the Lake Nona vicinity. There are several apartment buildings within the confines of the Lake Nona Medical City area. Furthermore, there are several housing communities located within the Lake Nona area and a easy drive to the UCF COM. Information about housing options will be provided to students at the time of their admission.

Does the UCF M.D. Program plan to accept transfer students into their program?

This program will not accept transfer applicants for the initial few years as we gradually increase our entering class to a maximum of 120 students. Once a transfer student policy is implemented, it would probably mirror typical programs in that transfer students would only be accepted into the 3rd year of the medical curriculum.

Will online coursework be considered in the application process for the UCF M.D. Program?

Yes. It will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Will online degrees be considered in the application process for the UCF M.D. Program?

Yes. Online degrees will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Will the UCF M.D. Program accept CLEP and AP courses in lieu of the required course work?

While CLEP may help you to receive your bachelor’s degree, we will not substitute CLEP for required coursework when considering an application for an interview. We may substitute AP and IB passing scores for required coursework, but we will expect to see additional in-residence coursework in college in that discipline to indicate that you have, in fact, mastered that subject. For example if you had AP credit for Chem I, we would expect to see a solid grade in Chem II while in college; or, if you had AP credit for both Chem I and Chem II, we would expect to see you take an upper-level chemistry course in college and do well in that subject.

Which bachelor’s degree is required to enter the M.D. Program?

The UCF M.D. Program will not require any specific bachelor’s degree major. We suggest that you major in an area that is of interest to you. If it is not a science related major, we strongly suggest that you use your non-major electives to take as many science-related courses as possible. This will help to show an admissions committee that you do have an aptitude for the sciences, and may help to prepare you for academic success in the M.D. program.

I know that at least a bachelor’s degree is required, but is there specific course work that is also required?

Yes, the UCF M.D. Program will require specific course work as requirements to enter the program. While not yet finalized, we anticipate that we will be consistent with course work required by other M.D. Programs which are normally:

  • Biology with lab – 2 semesters/3 quarters
  • Chemistry with lab – 2 semesters/3 quarters
  • Physics with lab- 2 semesters/3 quarters
  • Organic Chemistry with lab – 2 semesters/3 quarters
  • College English – 2 semesters/3 quarters
  • College Math – 2 semesters/3 quarters

Is there any way that an applicant can enter the M.D. Program without taking the MCAT?

Unfortunately, no. All applicants for this program are required to take the MCAT exam within 3 years prior to acceptance into the program. For example, an applicant would have to take the MCAT in 2017, 2018, or 2019, to be eligible for consideration for the class beginning in August 2020.

Will the M.D. Program accept a foreign degree in lieu of a U.S. degree for the M.D. Program?

If you have completed a Master’s Degree or less at a non-U.S. institution you would need to complete at a minimum a second Bachelor’s Degree or a Master’s Degree, in-person, at a regionally accredited U.S. institution. All prerequisites would need to be completed in the United States. Additionally, foreign graduates would need to demonstrate medical motivation through medical volunteering and shadowing. Other areas the Committee will look for include community service, teamwork/leadership activities and research.

If an applicant has completed a foreign medical degree they should visit before applying to medical school in the U.S. If you have completed a foreign medical degree and would like to apply for medical school at UCF, you would need to complete either a science-based Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the U.S. at an accredited institution in order to demonstrate proficiency in the U.S. education system. All applicants must take the MCAT by the application deadline. Additionally, foreign medical graduates would need to demonstrate medical motivation through medical volunteering and shadowing. Other areas the Committee will look for include community service, teamwork/leadership activities and research.

In order to be eligible to apply you must be a U.S. Citizen, “Final” Resident Alien or have INS approved Asylum in the U.S.

Will the UCF M.D. Program give preference to students who completed degrees at UCF?

The UCF M.D. Program is a state of Florida program and will not give preference to applicants from UCF or any other academic institution.

How selective is the UCF M.D. Program?

UCF receives nearly 5,000+ applications annually. Of that applicant pool approximately 440 will be interviewed. The final matriculating class will be 120.  Nearly 11 percent of those applying to medical schools nationwide have applied to UCF, based on data reported through the Association of American Medical Colleges.

Does the UCF M.D. Program plan to accept international students?

No. Because this is a state-supported program, we will accept only U.S. Citizens, Permanent Resident Aliens with a “Final” green card in their possession, or Asylees as designated by the INS. We will not be allowed to process any application that does not meet these requirements.

How can I prepare myself to become a competitive applicant for a seat in the M.D. Program?

This really begins during your freshman year of college, and sometimes earlier. It is important to work closely with your undergraduate advisors and Premed Advising Office. These resources will help you to understand academic requirements and also provide suggestions for constructing your academic program. Taking the proper courses in the proper sequence should allow you to be prepared to take the MCAT at the earliest possible time. Optimally, students will prepare to take the MCAT during the spring of their junior year in college.

When does the application process for medical school begin?

Most M.D. Programs which are accredited by the LCME use AMCAS as the initial application to the M.D. Program. AMCAS provides applicants with a single-source application for all participating M.D. Programs. The AMCAS application is usually available in May each year for completion and submission by the end of that calendar year. The AMCAS application must be submitted in the calendar year prior to the year that an applicant desires to attend an M.D. Program. For example, an applicant that desires to begin medical school in August 2020 may begin their AMCAS application as early as May 2019. AMCAS Applications must be submitted by November 15, 2019, at the very latest for a Fall 2020 enrollment.

What is the initial step to apply to admission to the UCF M.D. Program?

The primary application is via the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) at Completing the AMCAS application will be the first step toward being considered as an applicant to the UCF M.D. Program.

What are the minimum academic requirements for the UCF M.D. Program?

By the time of enrollment all applicants must have a bachelor’s degree. To be competitive for an interview applicants should have an MCAT of at least a 500 and both overall and science (BPCM) GPA’s of 3.00 or higher.