There are many ways to explore global health; you can surf the Internet, attend global health conferences, join a team on short-term international mission trips, or spend extended time studying in a foreign medical facility. This site is designed to help direct you to available resources for all these experiences. It is a work in progress, so by all means please send any information about trips, conferences, or other relevant information to Dr. Simms-Cendan at

2020 Global Health Conference

Stay tuned for this year’s Global Health Conference theme and date, coming in May 2019.

Proceeds from this year’s conference will be used to fund MedPACt global health outreaches through the Apopka and Yantalo Clinics.

For more information and to register for the conference, please visit


Dominican Republic Medical Service Trip

In 2015 MedPACt (Medical Students Providing Across Continents) coordinated a week-long experience that served six rural communities in the northeastern part of the Dominican Republic. Our medical students worked alongside students from the UCF College of Nursing, UF College of Pharmacy, Engineers without Borders-USA and medical students from the local medical school (Universidad Católica Nordestana).

Click here for more details on previous Dominican Republic trips.

Please check out the video for our 2015 interdisciplinary trip generously provided to us by UCF College of Medicine!

Our medical service trip would not be possible without the tremendous support from the International Medical Samaritans Program Scholarship sponsored by the Diebel Legacy Fund at Central Florida Foundation.

The Diebel Legacy Fund at Central Florida Foundation grew out of a tragic community event. On June 8, 2002, Dr. Donald Diebel Jr. lost his life while giving medical assistance to a newly married couple who had overturned their vehicle on the Florida Turnpike median. As he and firefighter Shane Kelly, and several other Good Samaritans, worked at the rain-slicked scene of the accident to help free the young couple, a tractor trailer lost control and struck the site, instantly killing both men and injuring several others who were also offering assistance.

Active in Medical Missionary work throughout his college career, it was only after Don was lost that we realized the real depth of his commitment to serving less fortunate members of the community. And it is from this seed of selfless commitment planted by Dr. Donald Diebel Jr. during his lifetime that this Orlando non-profit continues to grow today.

Donny picture

The International Medical Samaritans Program Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship that supports students demonstrating a dedication to volunteerism and academic excellence. As we strive to cultivate a student culture of social and global responsibility through medicine, this scholarship is essential giving the opportunity for medical students to serve internationally who would otherwise be financially unable. For this reason, UCF COM MedPACt is honored and thankful for the Diebel Legacy Fund at Central Florida Foundation’s generous and continued support, and we greatly appreciate their dedication to service within and across our borders!


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