Our Mission

The UCF COM Office for Postdoctoral Research works to enhance the development and experience of the postdoctoral community. The office provides a combination of administrative initiatives and educational activities. The UCF COM Office for Postdoctoral Research actively assists fellows in obtaining the skills necessary to pursue both academic and non-traditional careers in science and beyond. By supplementing the training received in the laboratory with career development guidance and ancillary research skills instruction, the office seeks to maintain the institutional reputation of recruiting and training the best biomedical researchers and scientific leaders of tomorrow. Our mission at the Office of Postdoctoral Research is to provide high-quality support services and training experiences that empower our young, talented postdoctoral fellows, postdoctoral researchers, and other research scientists to become future leaders in science who can transform medicine through innovative research.

The objectives of the UCF COM Office for Postdoctoral Research are:

  • Facilitate educational and career training opportunities
  • Create a platform that can address and resolve issues pertinent to postdoctoral scholars
  • Create a network that links postdoctoral researchers within the COM
  • Serve as a resource to learn about and organize training grant submissions
  • Develop and create a network that links faculty scholars and campus resources for postdoctoral training
  • Facilitate the recruitment and retention of talented postdoctoral scholars

Postdoctoral/Residency Research Opportunities

UCF Postdoctoral Resources

Postdoctoral Scholars

For Faculty and Advisors:

In addition to serving postdocs, the Office of Postdoctoral Research assists faculty advisors, administrators and human resource professionals with postdoctoral issues. As faculty and administrators, you are also welcome to consult our office in its role as a resource with any questions you may have about postdoctoral training. We are always here to assist and track down answers to all inquiries.