UCF College of Medicine faculty also focus their research on the latest trends in medical education and how to solve key clinical problems for patients.

Specifically, medical education faculty are studying the use of gaming, team-based learning and simulation to better train medical students and how new digitally-based education can improve test scores and learning.

UCF clinical faculty are partnering with basic scientists in researching conditions ranging from Crohn’s disease to the impacts of diet on cardiac and rheumatic disease. Other investigators are identifying better ways to protect individuals from the Zika virus and how to use pig kidneys to grow new human organs for patients suffering from kidney failure or diabetes. Others are investigating better ways to provide clinical care, including group appointments, behavioral therapies in the clinic and the use of nontraditional therapies to fight pain.

The college’s new Population Health group is investigating ways to improve the health of specific at-risk populations.

The opening of a new UCF joint venture hospital in 2020 will increase opportunities for clinical research and clinical trials.