There are many ways to explore global health; you can surf the Internet, attend global health conferences, join a team on short-term international mission trips, or spend extended time studying in a foreign medical facility. The Global Health site is designed to help direct you to available resources for all these experiences.

UCF College of Medicine & MedPACt’s 9th annual student-run Global Health Conference

While medicine and the arts have largely been viewed as two distinct, unrelated practices, healthcare treatment is trending toward a future where the two fields come together in an integrated manner. Once considered to be a form of alternative medicine, arts in medicine (AIM) is a recognized form of complementary/integrative medicine in numerous hospitals across the United States and other countries of the world. Yet, despite the successes of AIM on the overall well-being, attitude, and outlook of patients, many developing nations and cultures still view the two as separate ideologies. Thus, while many communities across the world have some sort of cultural art practices, whether it be through music, painting, dancing, or narrative storytelling, the benefit of integrating these practices with medicine has yet to be explored. To achieve a better state of patient health with a larger global view, the benefits of AIM on overall patient health across different cultures must be explored. At our Global Health Conference, we focused on addressing the efficacy of AIM in medicine, the benefits of research already explored by our keynote speaker Jill Sonke and others, as well as increased awareness for the impact of improving healthcare on a global scale.

This year, we had the most registrants and volunteers in conference history!

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