Acceptance Packages

The acceptance package will include the Acceptance Letter and a Combined Response Form. We request that the Combined Response Form and state Residency Affidavit be returned to the Admissions Office within two weeks from the date of the Acceptance Letter. The Combined Response form will include information regarding:

  • Acceptance/declination of the offered seat
  • Review of AMCAS-supported Criminal Background Check requirement
  • Review of Technical Standards and the chance to respond if an accommodation is needed
  • Review and print-out of state Residency Affidavit Form
  • Information regarding final transcripts.

If the Response Form is not received from the applicant, the Admissions Office will make every effort to contact the applicant to determine their intent. Non-receipt of the Response Form within the time specified in the letter will be grounds for cancellation of the offer of acceptance at the discretion of the Director of Admissions

Criminal Background Check

A Criminal Background Check (CBC) is initiated via AMCAS when an applicant is admitted to a program (beginning in January of the year that the applicant plans to enroll). As additional institutions offer acceptance to that applicant, those schools are also provided access to the result of the original CBC. Each M.D. Program will develop their own criteria for continuing an offer of acceptance based on information received. We anticipate that each response will be viewed on a case-by-case basis within the scope of the entire application.

State Residency Classification

The M.D. Program Admissions Office evaluates completed applications from both residents and non-residents of the State of Florida. Qualified non-Florida residents may be invited for an interview. However, as a state-supported institution, UCF has a responsibility to assure that a large majority of each matriculating class will be composed of Florida residents.

For initial determination of residency for tuition purposes as a newly admitted medical student at UCF, you can submit the Residency Classification Form to the College of Medicine Admissions Office. If you are currently attending UCF as a undergraduate or graduate student and wish to reclassify your current residency for tuition purposes, the College of Medicine Registrar’s Office will review requests for changes in residency status for all subsequent terms of attendance. For more information, please visit the UCF Registrar’s Office website