Consortium GMEC Resident Forums, Trainee Complaints, Concerns, Harassment

Consortium Disaster Catastrophic Planning for GME programs

Consortium Accommodation for Disabilities

Consortium GME Grievance Policy

Consortium GME Policy regarding Counseling and Behavioral Health

Consortium Policy on Benefits and Insurance

Consortium Health Clearance Policy

Consortium Leave and Injury Policy

Consortium Policy on Impaired Physicians

Consortium Policy on Program or Institutional Closure and Reduction

Consortium Policy on Professional Liability Insurance

Consortium Policy regarding Recruitment Selection and Appointment

Consortium Policy on Trainee Performance, Renewal, Promotion, and Discipline

Consortium Policy on Trainee Qualifications and Eligibility

Consortium Resident Supervision and Clinical Education Hours Policy

Consortium GME Policy on Amorous Relationship

Consortium Policy on Internet and Social Networking Sites

UCF Consortium Moonlighting Policy

Consortium Policy on Restrictive Covenants and Non Competition

Consortium Work Environment Policy (Safety, Quality Well-Being and Vendor Relations)

UCF College of Medicine Industry Relations Policy and Guidelines