With a focus on whole-patient care, Internal Medicine faculty at the College of Medicine care for patients, teach M.D. students, train our residents, and conduct research.

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R. Lane Coffee, Jr., PhD, MS Assistant Professor of Medicine
Mariana B. Dangiolo, M.D. Associate Professor of Family Medicine and Geriatrics
LOCATION:College of Medicine, 4th Floor
Virgil Dawson, M.D. Assistant Professor of Family Medicine
Refaat El-Said, M.D. Assistant Professor, Neurology
LOCATION:Comprehensive Neurology Clinic
Seema Frosh, MD Assistant Professor of Medicine
Cindy Gleit, M.D. Assistant Professor of Medicine
LOCATION:Osceola Health Center
Adam Golden, M.D., MBA Professor of Internal Medicine
LOCATION:College of Medicine, 4th Floor
Priya K. Gopalan


Internal Medicine


Doctor of Medicine

Appointment Level

Assistant Professor