The University of Central Florida has adopted, as a primary goal, the achievement of  international prominence in research. Faculty are encouraged to initiate and maintain a program of research or create scholarly products that contribute to the knowledge of their respective fields and/or impact the local, regional, national, or international community.  Faculty are provided with a number of resources, both at the college and university levels, to support their scholarly endeavors.

For additional information & resources visit our College of Medicine Research Office’s page.


Calendar of Conference Dates and Abstract Submission Deadlines

For a list of popular conference dates and abstract submission deadlines, please click here.


Grant Writing Tips

For a list of tips detailing the do’s and don’ts of grant writing, please click here.


List of UCF College of Medicine Faculty Editors

For a list of all of our faculty members that serve on journal editorial boards, please click here.


Harriet F. Ginsburg Health Sciences Library Getting Published Guide

This guide is recommended for UCF COM faculty, students, and staff who are looking to turn their manuscript into a fully published article. To learn more, please click here.

Confused about Open Access? Publishing Models Unraveled:
Are you getting ready to submit a manuscript for publication and are curious about whether to choose the Open Access option? This video provides the basics on three publishing models you may encounter- the subscription model, open access model, and hybrid model.

The library also offers a Finding and Evaluating a Journal learning module online here.

COM Works in Progress 

The Works in Progress interest group is a platform for educators and researchers to collaborate with other faculty members across disciplines to discover research in progress. From the idea stage to completion, to finding mentors and collaborators, to learning about resources and processes, the Works in Progress group aims to create connections and provide assistance for faculty members interested in completing research. For more information about this program, please contact

Meeting 1: Research and Publication Support for Faculty

Meeting 2: Funding Your Research

Poster Templates

Below you will find UCF College of Medicine branded research poster templates. The templates are designed to meet respective conference guidelines. You may rearrange the text boxes to suit your needs, but do not remove the UCF College of Medicine logo. If you are attending a conference that is not listed and would like to have a template created with specific conference requirements, please reach out to us at

General Templates

Research in Medical Education (RIME) Series

The Office of Faculty Development is hosting a series of events focusing on Research in Medical Education for our faculty. Below you may find an array of sample sessions given in the past.

[*Indicates that session recording is for UCF COM staff and faculty only. Select Webcourses to view session recording.]

  1. Program Evaluation 101
    Presented by Magdalena Pasarica, M.D., Ph.D. & Andrea Berry, MPA – August 18, 2017
    Session Recording
  2. Presentation Tips and Techniques
    Presented by Analia Castiglioni, MD & Monica Bailey, MA – September 22, 2017
    Session Recording
    Handout 1
    Handout 2
  3. Principles of Survey Design in Health Professions Education*
    Presented by Anthony Artino Jr., PhD, CAPT, MSC, USN  – September 28, 2017
    Session Recording
  4. Systematic and Cochrane Review*
    Presented by Morris Gordon, MBChB, MMed, PhD – October 16, 2017
    Session Recording
  5. Submitting a Successful IRB Protocol*
    Presented by Jennifer E. Neal-Jimenez, MD, MS, MSB, CCRP – October 27, 2017
    Session Recording
  6. Mixed Methods: Looking Beyond the Numbers
    Presented by Anya Andrews, PhD, PMP – Upcoming
  7. Getting Published in Medical Education
    Presented by Dr. Morris Gordon – August 12, 2016
    Session Recording
  8. Identifying and Starting Your Project
    Presented by Shalu Gillum, JD, MLS, AHIP and Monica Bailey  – August 26, 2016
  9. Tips for Publishing and Presenting Your Work 
    Presented by Dr. Elias Giraldo, Dr. David Harris, Dr. Saleh Rahman, Andrea Berry, MPA, and Monica Bailey, MA – September 16, 2016
    Editorial Panel Notes
  10. Writing Your First Draft: Discussion Storylines
    Presented by Dr. Lorelei Lingard  – October 14, 2016
    Session Recording
  11. Resources for Research
    Presented by Anya Andrews, Ph.D., Julia Soulakova, Ph.D., Elise Dantuma, MBA, Shalu Gillum, JD, MLS, AHIP , Natasha Williams, MLIS and Angie Griffin – October 28, 2016
    Research in Medical Education Resources
    Peer Review Worksheet
    Session Recording
  12. Get Published Now!
    Presented by Latha Ganti, MD, MS, MBA, FACEP – November 18, 2016


Research Support – College of Medicine

Research Support – University of Central Florida

  • Institutional Review Board  – The Institutional Review Board (IRB) consists of a committee established to advocate for the protection of the rights and welfare of human participants involved in research. Review and approval is required for all research involving human participants conducted by the University of Central Florida. Approval must be obtained prior to including human participants in an investigation. IRB Policy defines, in detail, the operations of the Institutional Review Board, its scope of authority, and the requirements for human subjects research conducted by or in collaboration with UCF.
  •  UCF IACUC – The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is a group that ensures the humane treatment of research animals. Research facilities must appoint one in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) and the PHS Policy on Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals.
  • Pivot as a Collaboration Tool provides information about how to setup and publish your scholarly profile so potential collaborators can find you, as well as how to track and/or be notified of funding opportunities.
  • Funding Opportunities – A webpage sponsored by ORC that provides information to help faculty identify both internal and external funding opportunities.
  • Workshops and Seminars sponsored by the ORC – This webpage highlights the various trainings offered by ORC that assist faculty throughout the research development process.
  • Office of Research & Commercialization –  The Office of Research & Commercialization (ORC) serves UCF scholars as the official liaison between UCF and funding sources and by helping faculty work through the proposal and contract management process. The Commercialization branch of the ORC guides scientists and inventors through the complex patenting and commercialization process. The ORC website provides information which assists university scholars with the announcement, application and post-award stages, and familiarizes prospective partners with the breadth of funded research conducted at the university.
  • Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative – The Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Program is a subscription service providing research ethics education to all members of the research community. All faculty members, as well as anyone involved on a research team or study, are required to complete the components of the CITI program that are relevant to their program of research.

Additional Resources 

  • AAMC Annotated Bibliography –  AAMC’s annotated bibliography provides a list of journals which publish research related to Educational Scholarship.
  • How to Write a Research Protocol – This document outlines all the information you’ll need to complete the process of getting a study approved by the IRB. It lists all the major sections, as well as specific information to include with each section when preparing your study for submission to IRB.