Research is a priority for the College of Medicine. Researchers at the Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences, which serves as the basic biomedical sciences department of the college, are advancing our understanding of human disease and developing innovative methods of treatment. Many are engaged in investigation of the world's most prevalent and serious health problems, including cancer as well as cardiovascular, infectious and neurodegenerative diseases.

Research is also a priority for the College of Medicine's M.D. Program (medical education). Ongoing research in medical education provides faculty opportunities for professional development and collaboration with other academic institutions.

The medical education department has received a grant to prevent alcohol and drug relapse. In addition, researchers at the college will participate in a nationwide, long-term study of children through their different phases of growth and development to better understand the role of various environmental and social factors on health and disease.

We will also do research on ourselves! To ensure that students successfully acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors of world-class physicians, the college will follow students' progress through the system cited as a "national model" in our preliminary accreditation - the Knowledge Management System. KMS identifies best teaching and learning methods, methods of assessment, areas of curricular strengths and areas needing improvement. Novel teaching and assessment methods can be monitored and analyzed for effectiveness in meeting the objectives for students and the program as a whole.