UCF’s College of Medicine is a research focused medical school.

Faculty and students in our Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences focus their research on conditions that plague humanity – cancer, infectious diseases, metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, and neurological disorders.

The Burnett School offers Bachelor’s degrees in biomedical sciences, biotechnology, and medical laboratory sciences. For more information on our Bachelor’s degrees, please visit the Undergraduate Programs page.

Master’s degrees are available in biomedical sciences and biotechnology and there are specific tracks for both areas of research specialization. The Burnett School also offers a PhD degree in biomedical sciences and participates in a joint MD-PhD program. For more information on Burnett School research, please visit the website.

All MD students are required to do a two-year research project through the Focused Inquiry and Research Experience (FIRE) module. As a result, many students publish and present their scientific research at local, regional, state, and national conferences. For more information on the FIRE module, please visit the MD Student Research page.

The clinical faculty members of the College of Medicine also perform research on medical education and their specific specialty areas. And UCF’s new partnership hospital – being built with the Hospital Corporation of America’s North Florida Division next to the medical school in Lake Nona – will offer increased opportunities for clinically-based and translational research. The teaching hospital is expected to open by 2020. For more information on clinical research at the College of Medicine, please visit our Clinical Research page.

For information on the Associate Dean for Research’s research office, please visit the Research Office page.