Immunization & Insurance Documentation Requirements

Follow the below steps, in order, to complete enrollment requirements for Immunizations and Insurance.

Deadline for all document submission for the Class of 2026 is Friday, July 22, 2022 by 5 p.m.
Do Not Send Documents to the College of Medicine


A couple of important points on immunizations –

  1. Your requirement for Hepatitis B is not complete until you have documentation of a positive titer (basically, a quantitative blood test (QUANTITATIVE Hepatitis B Surface Antibody Titer) that shows that you are immune to Hepatitis B).  Make sure your health care provider is ordering the right type of test.
  2. Having had chickenpox does NOT count for the Varicella requirement. You will need the vaccine series (two shots), or a positive titer.
  3. You need two (2) tuberculosis screening tests 12 months before enrollment (i.e. August). Ideally, you would have your first PPD test, then a second one 1 – 3 weeks after the first. However, if you had a PPD test six months ago, you would just have to get another completed before enrollment and that would be fine.
  4. For Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis, you need the TDaP vaccine, NOT DTaP (they’re spelled so similarly, we get a lot of confusion on this one). Many of you have had the DTaP vaccine as kids, you would now need the adult vaccine; a TD booster does not fulfill this requirement.

Register & create an account with VerifyStudents to obtain a urine drug screen authorization form and access to ImmuniTrax, the online system where students upload immunization and other enrollment requirement information.  Please note, your drug screen authorization form is good only for a short period of time.  Do not obtain your authorization if you are not ready to complete your urine drug screen within two or three days.


Once your access to ImmuniTrax has been received, collect documentation of immunizations:

  • Provide proof of the following immunizations and requirements found on the AAMC Standardized Immunization Form as well as submit the UCF Student Health Services Supplemental Meningitis Form.
  • Results of last two (2) tuberculosis screening (PPDs) or one (1) IGRA blood test are required regardless of prior BCG status.  For students with a history of positive PPD or IGRA screenings, a Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire must be completed.
  • Seasonal Influenza vaccinations are required annually. For incoming first year students, they are not required prior to August Orientation to ensure the most current vaccine.  
  • All enrolled students must show proof of a physical examination prior to matriculation into the College of Medicine by having their health care provider complete the following Physical Exam Verification Form and submitting it to ImmuniTrax.
  • For information on vaccines, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – Vaccine Information Statements.  Click here for further information on the Hepatitis B vaccine for healthcare personnel.
  • All medical students are required to undergo a urine drug screen upon matriculation. Specific information can be found utilizing the VerifyStudents link in Step 1 above.  You must upload your urine drug screen results to ImmuniTrax (under Urinalysis).  VerifyStudents does NOT send results directly to UCF COM.

Uploading documentation to ImmuniTrax:

Once you have collected your documentation and are ready to upload to ImmuniTrax, please note the following:

  • You must enter the dates of your immunization requirements, NOT the date you are inputting the information.  ImmuniTrax will not review your documentation without the date being entered.
  • Review of documents will take a couple of business days.  You will receive email messages as your status changes or if they have questions on your information.



Submit proof of immunizations ONLY (i.e. AAMC Standardized Immunization Form, UCF Student Health Services Supplemental Meningitis Form and supporting documentation) to UCF Student Health Services.


All enrolled students must show proof of health insurance coverage. For information regarding the UCF health insurance plan, please visit  Enrollment for the upcoming academic year opens in July.

Proof of Health Insurance must be uploaded to ImmuniTrax.  Please refer to Step 1 above for creating an account.


There is no need to send documentation to the Office of Student Affairs.  The Office of Student Affairs will receive a roster of students who have enrolled for the academic year.  For information on disability insurance, please visit the disability insurance section of the website.  Disability insurance is an annual requirement.

If not enrolling with the UCF COM disability insurance plan, complete and submit the Proof of Disability Insurance Form to meet this requirement.

Proof of disability insurance does NOT need to be uploaded to Immunitrax.