All students enrolled in the M.D. program at the College of Medicine are required to have Disability Insurance. After a thorough review of pricing and coverage, the College is recommending enrollment in American Medical Association’s plan which has a $200,000 payout and has an annual cost of $55.00. While enrollment in this plan is not mandatory, proof of comparable coverage is required if the M.D. student decides to enroll in another plan.

For information on the plan, log on to and enter code 644245. There you will find specific information on plan coverage, as well as information on global emergency travel services.

To enroll in American Medical Association’s Disability Insurance Plan, please log on to, enter your full name and policy number (644245). 

For more information, please click here.

If you have comparable coverage, please complete our Proof of Disability Insurance form and submit it to the College of Medicine Office of Student Affairs for verification and approval.