Dr. Analia Castiglioni is a board-certified Internist with over 15 year of experience as a Clinician-Educator. Dr. Castiglioni earned her M.D. degree at the Medical College of Pennsylvania, where she was the recipient of several awards and inducted into the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society. In 2000, she completed her residency in Internal Medicine, followed by a two-year Clinician-Educator Fellowship, both at the University of Pennsylvania. In 2002, Dr. Castiglioni joined the faculty at the University of Alabama, Birmingham (UAB) in the Division of General Internal Medicine. Here she distinguished herself for her clinical excellence, commitment to student and resident teaching, and the professional development of faculty. During her 10-year tenure, she was the recipient of the Outstanding Teacher in the Division of General Internal Medicine award, the Argus Award Honors for Excellence in Mentoring, and the Department of Medicine Educational Excellence Award. Dr. Castiglioni was also honored in 2009 with the Clinician Educator Award from the Southern Society of General Internal Medicine.

In 2012, Dr.  Castiglioni joined the University of Central Florida College of Medicine as a founding faculty member in the M.D. program and has served in several leadership roles instrumental in the development of the undergraduate medical education (UME) and graduate medical education (GME) programs, as well as in faculty development efforts. Dr. Castiglioni currently serves as Medical Director of the Clinical Skills and Simulation Center (CSSC) and Assistant Dean for Clinical Skills and Simulation at UCF COM, overseeing the COM’s clinical skills and simulation curriculum, CSSC’s operations and the 100+ Standardized Patient Program. Dr. Castiglioni has maintained a commitment to teaching the skills that are essential for the care of patients, including patient-centered communication, physical exam skills, critical thinking and clinical reasoning. Moreover, she has been an advocate for the use of simulation to teach patient-safety and team work skills. She is the recipient of the UCF COM Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Award (2019), Dean’s Leadership Enhancement Scholar (2018), Outstanding Faculty Member Award (2016), and Osler Award for Best Teacher of Ambulatory Medicine (2015). Dr. Castiglioni practices at the Orlando VA Medical Center as a preceptor in the UCF COM Internal Medicine Residency Continuity Clinic.

Her research interests include qualitative and quantitative methods to evaluate curricular innovations and programs, and to better understand the impact of teaching and assessment in learners’ skill development and professional identity formation across the medical education continuum.


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Education & Specialties

  • B.S., Crandon Institute, Montevideo, Uruguay
  • M.D., Medical College of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
  • Resident, Internal Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
  • Fellow, Clinician Educator Program, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA


  • Internal Medicine
  • Medical Education