The Personal Librarian Program is designed to introduce medical students entering the College of Medicine to the Harriet F. Ginsburg Health Sciences Library. During orientation, each first year student will be matched with a faculty librarian who will work with students primarily throughout their first two years at the COM.

Librarians will serve as an individual point of contact for the Health Sciences Library and will assist students with:

The Personal Librarian is a student’s go-to person for any questions about the library in general or about their research needs in particular.

Who is my Personal Librarian?

Your Personal Librarian is assigned to you by your last name. Please see the lists below to find yours.

Class of 2024

Abe – Ema

Eus – Jan

Kac – Pat

Per – Si

Sie – Zil


Class of 2023

Ada – Dri

Dro – Jue

Kan – Mub

Mun – Sch

Sha – Zel


Class of 2022

Abr – Dru

Eck – Jeh

Joh – Mil

Moh – Shao

Shar – Zha


Class of 2021

Ama – Doc

Don – Jam

Joh – McE

Men – San

Sas – Zie