A number of student organizations have been formed by M.D. students, and it is anticipated that more organizations will develop as the class size expands. M.D. students have also formed the M.D. Student Council. The Office of Student Affairs assists students with all aspects of student council and student organizations.

M.D. Student Council

The purpose of the College of Medicine M.D. Program Student Council is to provide effective student leadership for the classes and organizations of the College of Medicine M.D. Program, serve as a liaison between students and administration, promote effective and well-rounded medical education, and represent the College of Medicine M.D. Program. More information is provided during new student orientation.

Click here for the latest listing of student council, and UCF COM committees representative for UCF College of Medicine.

Forming an Organization

The Student Council, working with the Office of Student Affairs, has completed the process for approving medical student organizations within the College of Medicine.

Any organization seeking affiliation with UCF College of Medicine will be able to submit the New Organization Approval Form, available in the Office of Student Affairs. Approval by the Student Council and Office of Student Affairs will grant the organization status as a Recognized Student Organization (RSO) of the UCF College of Medicine and availability for funding from UCF College of Medicine Student Council funds (note that this is different than becoming a Registered Student Organization through the main campus Office of Student Involvement). This process will be repeated subsequently on a biannual basis, with deadlines to be announced in fall and spring.

Submission of the New Organization Approval Form must be accompanied by a constitution for the organization being formed.  Click here for the latest listing of organizations.

Reserving a Room

To reserve a room at the College of Medicine, please complete the Event Request Form and email it to the Director of Student Services and Service Learning, Soraya Smith at Soraya.Smith@ucf.edu.

Student Organization Events

While student organizations and extra-curricular activities are always encouraged, organizations must inform the Office of Student Affairs of meetings (both formal and informal) and activities which take place both on and off the campus of the College of Medicine.