Welcome to the Student Organizations page. Everything you need to know about starting a new organization, holding an event, or requesting funding for your groups will be found below.

A number of student organizations have been formed by M.D. students, and it is anticipated that more organizations will develop as the class size expands. We have 47 currently active student organizations here at COM. M.D. students have also formed the M.D. Student Council. The Office of Student Affairs assists students with all aspects of student council and student organizations.

M.D. Student Council & SGA

The purpose of the College of Medicine M.D. Program Student Council is to provide effective student leadership for the classes and organizations of the College of Medicine M.D. Program, serve as a liaison between students and administration, promote effective and well-rounded medical education, and represent the College of Medicine M.D. Program. More information is provided during new student orientation.

Click here for the latest listing of M.D. Student Council and Committee Representatives 2017-2018 for the UCF College of Medicine.

Click here for an overview of each M.D. Student Council and Committee Representative position description.

Forming an Organization

The Student Council, working with the Office of Student Affairs, has completed the process for approving medical student organizations within the College of Medicine.

Any organization seeking affiliation with UCF College of Medicine will be able to submit the New Student Organization Approval Form found here.

With approval from the Student Council and Office of Student Affairs the organization will be granted a status as a Recognized Student Organization (RSO) of the UCF College of Medicine and also grant availability for funding from UCF COM Student Council funds (note: this is different than becoming a Registered Student Organization through the main campus Office of Student Involvement).

Submission of the New Organization Approval Form must be accompanied by a constitution for the organization being formed. New organization proposals that are similar in mission to a current active group will often be denied.

If you have an idea for a similar group that is currently active, please inquire with that group on becoming a subsection of the current organization.

Student Organization Events

While student organizations and extra-curricular activities are always encouraged, organizations must inform the Office of Student Affairs of meetings (both formal and informal) and activities which take place both on and off the campus of the College of Medicine.

Reserving a Room

To reserve a room for your student organization, please complete the Room Reservation Request survey here. Please submit your reservation request a week in advance of your event for enough scheduling time. Once your room is confirmed you will receive an email with the reservation details.

Purchase Request Information (PRFs)

Use this form to submit your PRF – PRF Form 2017-2018

Everything you ever wanted to know about completing a PRF!PRF Education

All the tools for successfully running your student organization – Student Organization Orientation


Need help finding a speaker for your group?

Please contact Casey or Soraya Smith at medstudentaffairs@ucf.edu


The UCF College of Medicine’s Educational Technology department (comedtech@ucf.edu) offers free printing of posters for faculty, staff and students that promote UCF and the college.

The college has created several templates to be used for all poster presentations in accordance with new university-wide brand standards that reflect a modern, cohesive look for all materials that reflect the university. The purpose of these templates is to create professional posters that reflect the UCF brand and provide a consistent look.  Additionally, the template should facilitate your efforts in creating posters.

The templates provide a choice of either a black or yellow banner for your poster (links below) as well as the university-approved font – Gotham.  Since there is a fee associated with installing this font on your computer, please use another font and Ed Tech will change the font for you prior to printing.

Poster templates can be found here:

We don’t want to restrict creativity, so feel free to design the body of your poster any way you feel appropriate, but we will enforce the following standards for the banner


These PowerPoint templates contain multiple slide designs and photo options you may use for your own presentations. We’ve included a 4:3 presentation format and a 16:9 format.

These templates are set up with the font Helvetica. Arial may be used as a substitute font. If you have the font Gotham installed on your computer, please feel free to convert all text to that font. (Note: If you are sharing your final PowerPoint with other users who do not have Gotham, the document fonts will not display correctly.)

For more information please click here.