Welcome to the Student Organizations & Student Events page!

Everything you need to know about starting a new organization, holding an event, or requesting funding for your groups will be found below.

A number of student organizations have been formed by M.D. students and it is anticipated that more may be created as the new healthcare issues, initiatives and student needs develop. UCF College of Medicine M.D. students currently have 56 active student organizations. M.D. Student Council is also considered a student organization.

The Office of Student Affairs assists students with all aspects of student council and student organizations for the M.D. program. For any inquiries or more information beyond what is listed on this page please contact Casey Smith, Assistant Director for Student Services, at casey.smith@ucf.edu.

Student Council & Curriculum Committees

The purpose of the College of Medicine M.D. Program Student Council is to provide effective student leadership for the classes and organizations of the College of Medicine M.D. Program, serve as a liaison between students and administration, promote effective and well-rounded medical education, and represent the College of Medicine M.D. Program. More information is provided during new student orientation.

The purpose of the Student Professional Conduct Council (SPCC) is to oversee the implementation of the UCF COM Honor Code with emphasis on maintaining the values intrinsic to the role of physician, community leader and medical student.  The SPCC is composed of two student representatives from each class, an SPCC chair, and an advisor from the Office of Student Affairs (Dr. Verduin).  Information on contacting any member of the SPCC can be found on Webcourses.

Click here for an overview description of each M.D. Student Council and the Committee Representative positions.

Click here for the most current listing of the UCF College of Medicine Student Council, SPCC & Committee Representatives.


Student Organizations

Looking to join a group? Want to see what the 54 active student organizations are all about? Would you like to contact an organization for a speaking opportunity/event? Check out the Student Organization directory sections below. You’ll find the Executive Board members & group contact information.

All the tools for successfully running your student organization can be found in this presentation. – 2019-2020 Student Organization Orientation (this session is held during M2 Orientation week every August but feel free to check it out if you are new to Student Organizations).

If you have any questions about PRFs or vendors for COM’s Student Organizations, please contact Casey Smith.

Any new student organization seeking affiliation with UCF College of Medicine will be able to submit the New Student Organization Approval Form along with a draft of the proposed constitution. (found under the Forming an Organization section below).

Student Organization Directory (Arts in Medicine - Medical Informatics)

2019-2020 M.D. Program Student Organization Executive Boards

All current M.D. Program Student Organization Executive Boards are listed below. This listing will be updated biannually. Please contact Casey Smith with any updates or inquiries regarding these listings.

Arts in Medicine (AIM)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Juan Cendan

Email address: ucfaim@gmail.com

President: Nisha Sharma

Vice President: Sankalp Goberdhan

Treasurer: Alex Nhan

Secretary: Shelby Aughtman

Literary Arts Chair: Rachel Truong

Creative Director & PR: Justin Chacko

Performing Arts Director: Sean Nguyen

Visual Arts Director: Amy Haynes-Ali

Showcase Subcommittee Director: Cassie Tawadros

American Medical Association/Florida Medical Association (AMA/FMA)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Virgil Dawson

Group email: ucfcom.ama.fma@gmail.com

Chair of Recruitment: Rachel Drummey

Vice Chair of Recruitment: Anuj Kunadia

Vice Chair of Legislation & Advocacy: Alex Gartland

Vice Chair of Community Service: Vincent Cendan

AMA/FMA Delegate: Alex Lin

Secretary: Kristijan Bogdanovski

Treasurer: Spencer Lessans

American Medical Student Association (AMSA)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Marcy Verduin

Group email: ucfcomamsa1@gmail.com

President: Gabriela Castro

Vice President: Julia Neidymyer

Treasurer: Mohammed Ahsan

Secretary: Katherine Porter

American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Lori Boardman

Group email: amwa.ucfcom@gmail.com

President: Lauren Pomerantz

Vice President: Nicole Mamprejew

Treasurer: Lindsey Owens

Secretary: Neha Bhaskar

M3 Liaison: Alex Csortan

M4 Liaisons: Samantha Prabakaran & Allison McClain

Association of Women Surgeons (AWS)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Julie Wei

Group email: ucfcom.aws@gmail.com

President: Julia Nedimyer

Vice President: Margaret Kennedy

Treasurer: Nicole Mamprejew

Secretary: Grace Johnson

M3 Liaison: Allison Steinauer

M4 Liaison: Samantha Prabakaran

Biomedical Ethics in Medical Education (BEME)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Sergio Salazar

Email address: BEMEucfcom@gmail.com

President & Director of Discourse: Jacob Riegler

Vice President: Andy Wang

Publicity/Treasury: Vacant

Secretary: Jeslin Kera

Business of Medicine (BoM)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michael Ziebelman

Group email: ucf.bom@gmail.com

President: Alexander Lin

Vice President: Yasaswi Vengalassetti

Treasurer: Vacant

Secretary: Vacant

Chapman Compassionate Care (CCC)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Caridad Hernandez

Group email: ucfcccare@gmail.com

Co-Executive Directors: Spencer Adams & Madison Feldman

Executive Board Member: Lindsey Owens

Executive Board Member: David Gittess

Executive Board Member: Alex Gartland

Critical Care Medical Interest Group (CCMIG)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Marcia Katz

Group email: UCFCCMIG@gmail.com

President: Kristijan Bogdanovski

Vice President: Dakota McCoy

Treasurer: Michael Cho

Secretary: Gene Liu

Cardiology Interest Group (CIG)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Bernard Gros

Group email: ucfCIG@gmail.com

President: Cristina Cabrera

Vice President: Brad Richey

Treasurer: John D’Angelo

Secretary: Erin Deery

Catholic Medical Association (CMA)

Faculty Advisor: Drs. Colleen Moran-Bano & Patrick Hunter

Group email: cma.ucfcom@gmail.com

President: Jake Tenewitz

Clinic Director: Rachel Truong

VP/Treasurer: Nick Richwagen

Secretary: John Wiegand

M3 Liaison: Andrew Girard

Careers in Oncology (COG)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Priya Vishnubhotla

Group email: ucfoncology@gmail.com

President: Vincent Cendan

Vice President: Rachel Drummey

Treasurer: Michael Fiorino

Secretary: Rachel Truong

Community Service Chair: Alex Gartland

Clinical Problem Solvers (CPS)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Shiva Kalidindi

Group email: UCF.CPS@gmail.com

President: Scott Walker

Vice President: Ben Daines

Treasurer: Jacob Wright

Secretary: DK Nguyen

Dermatology Interest Group (DIG)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jeffery Greenwald

Group email: ucfderminterest@gmail.com

President: Tanner Harding

Vice President: Sun Kim

Treasurer: Vacant

Secretary: Vacant

M3 Liaisons: Skylar Klager & Kevin Petersen

M4 Liaisons: Samantha Prabakaran & Khoa Nguyen

Epidemiology Interest Group (EIG)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Saleh Rahman

Group email: UCFEpidemiologyInterest@gmail.com

President: Michael Fiorino

Vice President: Nicholas Richewagen

Treasurer: Michael Fiorino

Secretary: Katherine Garcia

Event Coordinator: Vacant

Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jay Ladde

Group email: ucf.emig@gmail.com 

President: Jacob Wright

Vice President: Maureen Mohan

Treasurer: Spencer Adams

Secretary: Stephanie Schiffert

Events/Research Coordinator: Brendan Sweeney

M3 Liaison: Deborah Shimshoni

M4 Liaison: Joshua Nims

ENT Interest Group (Otolaryngology Interest Group)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michael Seidman

Group email: UCF.ENTIG@gmail.com

President: Brad Richey

Vice President: Lauren Pomerantz

Treasurer: Daniel Kwak

Secretary: Sina Koochakzadeh

M3 Liaison: Alex Waler

M4 Liaison: Hamad Sagheer

Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Magdalena Pasarica

Group email: UCFFMIG@gmail.com

President: Lorraine Hoyos

Vice President: Ashish Bibireddy

Treasurer: Huzaifa Wasanwala

M3 Liaison: Joe Skowronski

FAFP Student Director: Logan Walker

Hand in Hand (A family support group)

Advisor: Dr. Katherine Daly

Group email: handinhand.ucfcom@gmail.com

Co-Director: Spencer Adams

Co-Director: Amy Haynes-Ali

Co-Director: Chris Trice

M3 Liaisons: Andrew Bomar & Anna Thompson

M4 Liaison: Eric Wilson

Healthcare Innovations (HI)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mariana Dangiolo

Group email: HIucfcom@gmail.com

President: Sankalp Goberdhan

Vice President: John D’Angelo

Treasurer: Yash Vengalasetti

Secretary: Huzaifa Wasanwala

History of Medicine (HoM)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Saad Shaikh

Group email: history.ucfcom@gmail.com

President: Nicholas Richwagen

Vice President: Jeslin Kera

Treasurer: Kimberly Rosenthal

Secretary: Kimberly Rosenthal

Internal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Abdo Asmar

Group email: UCFIMIG@gmail.com

President: Huzaifa Wasanwala

Vice President: Kristijan Bogdanovski

Treasurer: Irina Tardif

Secretary: Evan Chen

M3 Journal Club Liaison: Tuleagh Innes-Gawn

M4 Journal Club Liaisons: Morgan Elysse & RJ Bustami

Jewish U”knight’ed Students in Medicine (JUSM)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Marcia Katz

Group email: ucfjusm@gmail.com

Co-President: Spencer Lessans

Co-President: Madison Feldman

Vice President: Lauren Pomerantz

Treasurer: Stefanie Miller

Secretary: Matt Abrams


Faculty Advisor: Dr. Magdelena Pasarica

Clinic Director Email: floormanager.knights@gmail.com

Clinic Co-Directors: Michael Boring & Katherine Porter

Volunteer Coordinators: Shelby Aughtman & Dakota McCoy

For Volunteer Opportunities Contact: knightsclinicvolunteering@gmail.com


LGBTQ+ Medical Student Allies

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Lindsay Taliaferro

Group email: ucfcom.lgbtmedstudentsallies@gmail.com

President: John Wilhelm

Vice President: Rasika Patil

Treasurer: Kristen Doyle

Secretary: Mihaela Kancheva

Community Education Chair: Matt Abrams

M4 Liaison: Kyle Sanchez

Medicine & Horsemanship (M&H)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Sarah Gibson

Group email: medicineandhorsemanship@gmail.com

President: Mariya Muravia

Vice President: Vacant

Treasurer: Vacant

Secretary: Vacant

M3 Liaison: Edward He

M4 Liaisons: Pressley Chakales & Jacklyn Locklear

Medical Anesthesiology Society (MAS)

Faculty Advisors: Drs. Relin Yang & Tejash Dungarani

Group email: ucf.com.mas1@gmail.com

President: Grace Johnson

Vice President: Darin Griner

Secretary: Vacant

Treasurer: Peter Hoang

M3 Liaison: Kim Shinabarker

M4 Liaison: Eric Wilson

Medical Campus Outreach (MCO)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Brandon Carr

Group email: ucfmco@gmail.com

President: Lorraine Hoyos

Vice President: Gabriela Castro

Director of Outreach: Vacant

Medical Students Providing Across Continents (MedPACt)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Judith Simms-Cendan

Group email: board@ucfglobalhealth.org

Executive Director: Tabitha Eckert

Directors of Service: Annalisa Sega & David Gittess

Director of Finance: DK Nguyen

Director of Education: Justin Chacko

Director of Records: Alex Gartland

Conference Directors: Vincent Cendan & Benjamin Daines

Research Chair: Alexia Bossan

Directors of Community Outreach: Riegel Wright & Brendan Sweeney

Medical Informatics (MI)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. David Lebowitz

Group email: ucfmedical@gmail.com

President: Alex Gartland

Vice President: DK Nguyen

Treasurer: Andy Wang

Secretary: Andrew Pollizzi

Student Organization Directory (Movement is Medicine - Wilderness Medical Society)

2019-2020 M.D. Program Student Organization Executive Boards

All current M.D. Program Student Organization Executive Boards are listed below. This listing will be updated biannually. Please contact Casey Smith with any updates or inquiries regarding these listings.

Movement is Medicine (MiM)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Daniel Topping

Group email: ucfcommim@gmail.com

President: Brendan Sweeney

Vice President: Viet Sean Ngyuen

Treasurer: Alexia Bossan

Secretary: Alex Gartland

Mission Nutrition (MN)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jacque Nyenhuis

Group email: missionnutritionucf@gmail.com

President: Michael Fiorino

Vice President: Ana Parus

Treasurer: Neha Bhasker

Secretary: Mohammad Ahsan

M3 Liaison: Vacant

Medical Literature Book Club (MLBC)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Cori Baill

Group email: UCFMedLit@gmail.com

Co-President: Amy Fitch & Anna Jacobs

Vice President: Shivani Patel

Treasurer: Kelly Cho

Secretary: Jenna Driscoll

Military Medicine Interest Group (MMIG)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Richard Peppler

Group email: UCFMMIG@gmail.com

President: Chris Trice

Vice President: Nicholas Richwagen

Treasurer: TBD

Secretary: TBD

Secretary of Defense: TBD

Secretary of the Air Force: TBD

Secretary of the Army: TBD

Secretary of the Navy: TBD

M4 Liaison: TBD

Neurological Surgery Interest Group (NSIG)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. James Sanders

Group email: ucfnsig@yahoo.com

President & M4 Liaison: Steven Glener

Co-President: Tanya Singh

Vice President: Shelby Aughtman

Treasurer: Jake Tenewitz

Secretary: Kristen HoSang

M3 Liaison: Yasmeen Elsawaf

Obstetrics & Gynecology Interest Group (OGIG)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Judith Simms-Cendan

Group email: ucfcomogig@gmail.com

President: Oriana Fermin

Vice President: Ricci Allen

Treasurer: Rebecca Joseph

Secretary: Hannah Prock

M3 Liaison: Talia Helman

M4 Liaison: Jacklyn Locklear

Ophthalmology Interest Group (OIG)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mehul Patel

Group email: ucfcomoig@gmail.com

President: Jake Tenewitz

Vice President: Jeslin Kera

Treasurer: Ben Danies

Secretary: Daniel Huang

M3 Liaison: Baltej Dhillion

M4 Liaison: Stacey Lee

Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Interest Group (OSMIG)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. John Kirkpatrick

Group email: COM.OSMIG@gmail.com

President: Brad Richey

Vice President: Clayton Welsh

Treasurer: Peter Hoang

Secretary: Grant Liska

Community Outreach Chair: Evan Chen

M3 Liaison: Jordan Deal

M4 Liaisons: Sohum Patel & Alex Moses

Pediatric Interest Group (PIG)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Colleen Moran-Bano

Group email: pigucfcom@gmail.com

President: Vincent Cendan

Vice President: Katie Ballantyne

Treasurer: Oriana Fermin

Secretary: Emma Hignett

Event Coordinators: Sankalp Goberdhan & Evan Chen

M3 Liaison: Heather Kraft

M4 Liaison: Morgan Irwin-Weyant

Preventive Medicine & Aging Group (PMAG)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mariana Dangiolo

Group email: ucfpmag@gmail.com

President: Ashish Bibireddy

Vice President: Alexander Lin

Treasurer: Michael Cho

Secretary: Andy Wang

Pathology Medical Student Interest Group (PMSIG)

Faculty Advisors: Drs. Mujtaba Husain & Vania Zayat

Group email: UCFPathologyInterest@gmail.com

President: Holly Moots

Vice President: Matthew Moench

Treasurer: Elias Eid

Secretary: Nicholas Richwagen

M3 Liaison: Elizabeth Pernicone

M4 Liaison: Vacant

Plastics & Reconstructive Surgery Interest Group (PRSIG)

Faculty Advisors: Drs. Adam Oppenheimer & David Plank

Group email: ucfprsig@gmail.com

President: Michael Thompson

Vice President: Brandon Foley

Treasurer: Michele Ryan

Secretary: Jeslin Kera

M3 Liaison: Ana Parus

M4 Liaison: Rajib Chowdhury

Peer Support Group (PSG)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Katherine Daly


Faculty Advisor: Dr. Martin Klapheke

Group email: ucfcompsychsign@gmail.com

President: Matt Abrams

Vice President: Jenny Huynh

Publicity/Treasurer: Sheena Orellana

Secretary: Timothy Le

Community Outreach Director: Sonia de la Cruz

Reproductive Health Interest Group (RHIG)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Georgia Lamvu

Group email: ucfreproductivehealth@gmail.com

Co-Director: Ricci Allen

Co-Director: Riegel Wright

National Coordinator & Resource Manager: Kristen HoSang

Community Outreach Coordinator: Oriana Fermin

Director of Education & Curriculum Reform: Chavi Rehani

Upperclassman Coordinator: Tiffany Damm

Radiology Interest Group (RIG)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Craig Johnson

Group email: rig.ucf.med@gmail.com

President: Kevin Boyd

Vice President: Andrew Pollizzi

Treasurer: Ezan Kothari

Secretary: Irina Tardif

M3 Liaison: Jerry French

M4 Liaison: Matt Burger

Rising Youth

Faculty Advisor: TBA

Group email: risingyouthfl@gmail.com

Executive Director: Sanya Sellers

Director of Operations: Cornell Lee

Directors of Education: Pressley Chakales & Srikar Reddy

Directors of Outreach: Kevin Petersen & Chavi Rehani

Lead Teachers: Ashlee Smith & Margot Samson

Students Interested in Academic Medicine (SIAM)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Abdo Asmar

Group email: siam.ucfmed@gmail.com

President: Jeslin Kera

Vice President: Nathan Kostick

Treasurer: Vincent Cendan

Secretary: Cassandra Tawadros

M3/M4 Liaison: Melissa Kendall

Surgery Interest Group (SIG)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Juan Cendan

Group email: ucfsurgery@gmail.com

President: Michael Fiorino

Vice President: Margaret Kennedy

Treasurer: Brendan Sweeney

Secretary: Lauren Pomerantz

M3 Liaisons: Joe Skorwronski & Alex Waler

M4 Liaisons: Tanya Singh & Steve Kong

Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. James Sanders

Group email: ucfsign@gmail.com

President: Gene Liu

Vice President: Daniel Huang

Treasurer: Michael Fiorino

Secretary: Kevin Boyd

M3 Liaison: Vacant

M4 Liaison: Vacant

Student National Medical Association (SNMA)

Advisor: Dr. Sahlem Rahman

Group email: SNMAatUCF@gmail.com

President: Courtney Bell

Vice President of Underrepresented Community Outreach: Rebecca Joseph

Vice President of Academic Minority Enrichment: Sankalp Goberdhan

Treasurer: Vacant

Secretary: Heidi Boutros

M3 Liaison: Laniel Romeus

M4 Liaison: Megan Derazin

Student Council

Advisors: Dr. Marcy Verduin, Ms. Casey Smith & Ms. Soraya Smith

Presidents: Lacie Turnbull (M4), Kevin Petersen (M3), TBD (M2), Cristina Cabrerra (M1)

Vice Presidents: Nimai Patel (M4), Evan Johnson (M3), TBD (M2), Matt Abrams (M1)

Treasurers: Srikar Reddy (M4), Robert Pell (M3), TBD (M2), Margaret Kennedy (M1)

Secretaries: Stacey Lee (M4), Elizabeth Pernicone (M3), TBD (M2), Gabriela Castro (M1)

Urology Interest Group (UIG)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Hubert Swana

Group email: ucf.uig@gmail.com

President: John Jayman

Vice President: Ana Parus

Treasurer: Brandon Foley

Secretary: Maureen Mohan

M3 Liaison: Mitchell McElroy

M4 Liaison: Calvin Guiterrez

Ultrasound Interest Group (USIG)

Faculty Advisors: Drs. Christine Kauffman & Javier Rosario

Group email: USIGUCF@gmail.com

President: Paul Symansky

Vice President: Scott Walker

Treasurer: Sydney Shaouy

Secretary: Patrick Kroenung

Vascular Surgery Interest Group (VSIG)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Frederick Fisher

Group email: ucfcomvsig@gmail.com

President: Jeslin Kera

Vice President: Vacant

Treasurer: Vacant

Secretary: Mohammed Ahsan

Wilderness Medical Society (WMS)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Martin Klaphke

Group email: ucf.wildernessmedicine@gmail.com

President: Sean Nguyen

Vice President: Ben Daines

Treasurer: Michael Ren

Secretary: Alex Gartland


Room Reservations & Student Events

The Student Services team is your one-stop-shop for planning your event or meeting. Our team will book your event space/room per your request, work with the Facilities, Operations and Systems Engineering teams for any support requests you have, and coordinate with any other departments involved to ensure your event or meeting has everything you need. While student events through individuals or organizations and extracurricular activities are always encouraged, students must inform the Office of Student Affairs of meetings and activities that take place on campus at the College of Medicine.

Please submit your reservation & support requests at least a week in advance of your event or meeting to ensure room availability and enough scheduling time. If you have any questions on this process please reach out to Casey Smith.

Step-By-Step for reserving a room or planning a Student Event:


Step 1: Check the Student Lounge calendar on Webcourses and select a date and time for your meeting or event that does not conflict with an existing meeting. This policy has been put in place to ensure that students don’t miss out on important and interesting information because of scheduling conflicts. Exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Step 2: Submit a Room & Support Reservation Request Survey Form. The information you provide on this survey will be used to book your space/room and coordinate with other supporting offices for things you may need such as: tables, chairs, or AV/Tech support.

Step 3: Wait to receive confirmation that your space/room has been booked. We do our best to book you in your first choice or second choice room/space, but we cannot guarantee availability. If you do not receive a confirmation email, but your event/meeting has been listed on the Student Lounge Webcourses calendar – you’re all set, we just haven’t gotten the chance to email you yet.

Step 4: If you’re part of a student organization ordering items or food this is when you’d submit a PRF (AFTER you have a date for your meeting selected). Please refer to the PRFs accordion section below.

Students can request to reserve the following through the Office of Student Affairs:

    • Classrooms
    • Conference Room
    • SGLs
    • Tavistock Green
    • Team Learning Lab
    • The Atrium
    • The Piazza

If you would like to submit a meeting or event flyer for approval and advertisement on the Student Lounge Digital TV Signage please use the SL Digital Signage Submission survey. Please note that the Office of Student Affairs has final approval and publishing authority for all submissions.

PRFs: Everything you ever wanted to know about completing a PRF!

Every complete PRF packet includes 3 things: the PRF Form (found below), the order invoice (invoice receipt or shopping cart screenshot with links), and an event flyer with the SGA logo.

*PLEASE do not use your own money for purchases you intend to use Activity & Service Fee dollars for! We unfortunately cannot get you reimbursed*

Use this form to submit your PRF 2019-2020 Purchase Request Form – If the form you are using looks different than this one – use this one instead!

Below you will find three examples of filled out & completed PRFs for the three most commonly used vendors/types of ordering: Publix, Amazon, and Papa Johns. Each piece of information you must fill in or provide has been highlighted in these packets. Note for Publix orders you must order through the Apron’s Event Planners at the Publix at Cornerstone at Lake Hart (the one on Narcoossee & Moss Park Rd – their number is 407-275-5507) and that all food vendors must accept credit card payments via phone. For Papa John’s (or any food delivery other than Publix) Accounting needs the receipts given to you by the delivery person. You must bring the original copy of the receipt to the Office of Student Affairs no later than Friday the week of your event.



Forming an Organization

The M.D. Student Council, working with the Office of Student Affairs, has completed the process for approving medical student organizations within the College of Medicine.

With majority approval from the members of Student Council and Office of Student Affairs, organizations will be granted a status as a Recognized Student Organization (RSO) of the UCF College of Medicine and will also become eligible to receive funding from UCF COM Student Council funds (note: this is different than becoming a Registered Student Organization through the main campus Office of Student Involvement).

Any organization seeking affiliation with UCF College of Medicine will need to submit all of the following information to Casey Smith at casey.smith@ucf.edu

New groups are approved by both Student Council and the Associate Dean for Students. New groups that are too similar in mission or goals to current active groups will be denied. Decisions are typically made within three weeks of submission.

If you have an idea for a group similar to one that is currently active, you may inquire with the group on joining and creating a subsection of the main organization.


Do you have pictures of your organization participating at an event or interacting during a meeting? Have just-for-fun student life pictures you’d like to share? or a funny meme relating to med school life?

You can submit your content for the Student Lounge Digital TV Signage here using the SL Digital Signage Submission survey, or scan one of the QR codes from the fliers in the Student Lounge to access the submission survey.

Need help finding a speaker for your group?

Please contact Casey or Soraya Smith at medstudentaffairs@ucf.edu


The UCF College of Medicine’s Educational Technology department (comedtech@ucf.edu) offers free printing of posters for faculty, staff and students that promote UCF and the college.

The college has created several templates to be used for all poster presentations in accordance with new university-wide brand standards that reflect a modern, cohesive look for all materials that reflect the university. The purpose of these templates is to create professional posters that reflect the UCF brand and provide a consistent look.  Additionally, the template should facilitate your efforts in creating posters.

The templates provide a choice of either a black or yellow banner for your poster (links below) as well as the university-approved font – Gotham.  Since there is a fee associated with installing this font on your computer, please use another font and Ed Tech will change the font for you prior to printing.

Poster templates can be found here:

We don’t want to restrict creativity, so feel free to design the body of your poster any way you feel appropriate, but we will enforce the following standards for the banner

  • Must be either black or yellow background
  • Must include the approved COM logo
  • Title of poster must be either yellow or black


These PowerPoint templates contain multiple slide designs and photo options you may use for your own presentations. We’ve included a 4:3 presentation format and a 16:9 format.

These templates are set up with the font Helvetica. Arial may be used as a substitute font. If you have the font Gotham installed on your computer, please feel free to convert all text to that font. (Note: If you are sharing your final PowerPoint with other users who do not have Gotham, the document fonts will not display correctly.)

For more information please click here.