Welcome to COMPASS – College of Medicine Physician Advising and Support System. UCF COM’s own comprehensive holistic advising program. Here you will find information that falls under the four components of COMPASS – Academic advising, Career advising, Financial advising and Personal Wellness. You may find each of these below.

The Office of Student Affairs implements the M.D. COMPASS program in collaboration with Advising Academy Leaders, Specialty Advisors, and a number of key support services in the College of Medicine and at UCF.

Advising Academy Leaders’ role in the M.D. COMPASS program is designed to offer both structure and flexibility; periodic structured “checkups” provide consistency to all students across the advising program, while advisors have the flexibility to meet with their advisees more often in groups or individually depending on the needs and preferences of their students.  The Office of Student Affairs provides resources to Advising Academy Leaders for advising and meeting the needs of students, including suggested discussion topics for meetings with advisees, templates for MATCH Checkups, sample student CV’s, access to the AAMC’s Careers in Medicine website (including advisor support materials, such as advising checklists), access to student academic performance, and other resources.

At UCF COM, students have an advising academy leader who follows them throughout their four years of medical school.  Students may also choose an additional Specialty Advisor, particularly when they are pursuing a specialty not represented in pool of available Core Advisors (e.g., radiation oncology).  Academy Leaders provide advisement, guidance, and support in three of the above domains – academic advising, career advising, and personal wellness, with a focus on career advising – through one-on-one interactions with their student advisees.


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