Residency Career advising is one of the four integral pillars of our COMPASS program.

Career advising is primarily guided through our network of Residency Career Advisors (RCAs). Your Advising Academy Leaders (assigned to you at the beginning of your M1 year are excellent resources in helping you choose a Residency Career Advisor). The Residency Career Advisor listings can be found under on each of the Residency Pages on Roadmap to Residency.

Residency Career Advisors can provide you guidance and overarching advice for the field that you would like to know more about or ultimately go into for your residency. By your M3 year you must have at least one RCA that you have reached out to and met with. We encourage students to have multiple Residency Career Advisors that they feel comfortable and have a rapport with for counsel and consolation to help them in the most crucial part of M4 year, applying to residency.

Understanding Residency Career Advisor vs Advising Academy Leaders

A chart defining the two types of advisors

Resources for Applying Into Residency

Roadmap to Residency (password protected)

Residency Pages  (password protected)


CV Toolbox (password protected)

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