Dr. Edward A. Ross received his M.D. degree from Boston University, completed his residency training at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, and received his fellowship training in nephrology at UCLA and the VA Wadsworth Hospital in Los Angeles. He is board certified in internal medicine and nephrology and has conducted research in the areas of renal dialysis, renal transplantation and hypertension.

Dr. Ross’ laboratory research interests focus on biomaterials and engineering in regard to renal replacement therapies. Currently his group is studying organ regeneration by the use of pluripotent precursor cells seeded into decellularized intact kidneys. Mouse and rat models are utilized to investigate stem cell differentiation and remodeling of scaffold basement membranes, with xenotransplantation being the ultimate goal. Previous research efforts from his multidisciplinary group have included the invention and licensing of a polyethylene glycol technology that can be used therapeutically for immunoadsorption and diagnostically for the detection of trace quantities of toxins.

Dr. Ross also has long-standing clinical research activity in improvements in extracorporeal renal replacement technology. His group has patented a safety device for detecting disconnection-associated venous hemorrhage in hemodialysis patients, as well as a photoplethysmography instrument to monitor vascular volume during ultrafiltration. Biomaterials and engineering projects have also included: the development bioimpedance technology for monitoring intra-abdominal fluid or hemorrhage; a new design for dialysis vascular access needles, and new phosphate-binding polymers. Direct clinical patient research studies have focused on the nutrition of dialysis patients. He has investigated the metabolism of a variety of nutrients, including pyridoxine, vitamin C, oxalate, glutathione, cysteine, and carnitine, and has published methods to improve nutrition in these patient populations.

The University of Central Florida, College of Medicine welcomed Dr. Ross as the chair of Internal Medicine in the summer of 2014. In his role at UCF, Dr. Ross leads the Department of Internal Medicine and provides strategic leadership at UCF Health, the college’s physician practice. Dr. Ross comes to UCF from the University of Florida, College of Medicine, where he was a tenured professor of medicine in the division of Nephrology, Hypertension and Renal Transplantation, director of the End Stage Renal Disease Program, and administrator of the Outpatient Chronic Dialysis Program at Shands Hospital. He also has served as vice chairman for clinical affairs in the Department of Medicine.

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Education & Specialties

  • M.D., Boston University, Boston, MA
  • Resident, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, TN
  • Fellow, Nephrology, University of California, Los Angeles and Veteran’s Affairs Wadsworth Hospital, Los Angeles, CA



  • Internal Medicine
  • Nephrology