Library Guides are Librarian and Faculty created research portals designed to gather the resources for a specific course or topic in one location for our library patrons. Students can find exactly the resources they need for their courses in one convenient and easy place.

Course Library Guides

M1 & M2 Library Guides

BMS 6001 Cellular Function and Medical Genetics Library Guide

BMS 6002 Structure and Function Library Guide

BMS 6006 Health and Disease Library Guide

BMS 6015 Practice of Medicine I Library Guide

BMS 6016 Practice of Medicine II Library Guide

BMS 6050 Psychosocial Issues in Healthcare Library Guide

BMS 6631 Hematology and Oncology Library Guide

BMS 6632 Endocrine and Reproductive Library Guide

BMS 6633 Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Library Guide

BMS 6634 Gastrointestinal and Renal System Library Guide

BMS 6635 Skin and Musculoskeletal Library Guide

BMS 6636 Brain and Behavior Library Guide

Clerkship Library Guides

MDC 7180 Obstetrics & Gynecology Library Guide

MDC 7200 Internal & Family Medicine Library Guide

MDC 7400 Pediatrics Library Guide

MDC 7600 Surgery Library Guide

MDC 7800 Neurology Clerkship Guide

MDC 7830 Psychiatry Clerkship Guide

MDI8710 Acting Internship Emergency Medicine Guide

Clinical Resource Toolkit Library Guide

General Library Guides

Citation and Writing Help

EndNote Library Guide

JAMA Citation Guide

Getting Published Library Guide

Research Assistance

Conducting a Literature Review as a FIRE project

Data and Statistics

Systematic Reviews

Diagnostic Tools and Databases

UpToDate Library Guide 

Clinical Resource Toolkit Library Guide

Medical Images

Medical Images Resources Guide

Library Technology

Medical Student App Installation Library Guide

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at UCF COM