Faculty play an important role in fulfilling the mission of the college. The College of Medicine is committed to supporting the ongoing personal and professional growth of all faculty. The Office of Faculty and Academic Affairs exists to help faculty reach their greatest potential. This office is responsible for curriculum and faculty development, as well as continuing medical education. The Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs also serves as chair of the M.D. Program Curriculum Committee. Reporting to the Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs are assistant deans responsible for medical education, medical simulation, faculty affairs and continuing medical education. The Assistant Deans of Medical Education have primary responsibility for the M.D. curriculum and work with department chairs to ensure the proper execution of the program.

For more information about Office of Faculty and Academic Affairs, Affiliated and Volunteer Faculty Program contact:

Carolyn Castro-Pagan
Administrator, Medical School Programs

Office: College of Medicine, Suite 313D
Phone: 407.266.1109 or 407.266.1104
Fax: 407.266.1149
Email: volunteerfaculty@ucf.edu

See “In This Section” Affiliated/Volunteer Faculty link for Appointment Process