Programs & Workshops

Faculty Peer Evaluation

The peer evaluation program provides a forum for faculty to receive feedback from their peers on their teaching.  Faculty Development offers guidance for the peer review process and manages the associated forms. Faculty Development representatives also offer to serve as reviewers.
If you would like to participate in our peer observation program, please contact Amanda Ramos.

Clinical Educator Workshops

The UCF College of Medicine Faculty Life Office is pleased to present workshops and seminars designed to support the professional development and clinical teaching endeavors of our faculty.
Check out our Clinical Workshop Menu to view current offerings.


ACT is an online program that reviews relevant clinical teaching topics. The ACT program will instruct faculty in best practices for medical education and provides CME credit for all UCF faculty. We offer a variety of topics via online modules.

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Resident as Teacher (RAT) Program

Resident as Teacher is a program that is designed to fulfill the educational and program requirements of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) and Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME). The program trains residents in teaching skills, which are essential to training medical students and delivering patient education. Every year the Resident as Teacher program delivers an overview of the specific clerkship objectives and policies, in addition to four other prepared sessions. Sessions include Writing Narrative Evaluation, Teaching Evidence-Based Medicine and many more.

If you have any questions or would like to participate in the Resident as Teacher program please contact Amanda Ramos.

Developing your Online Presence Series

The Office of Faculty Development in partnership with the Marketing Team and Harriet F. Ginsburg library team, hosted a series of events focusing on Developing Your Online Presence for our faculty.

Please find the topics we covered below.

  1. Choosing Your Site 
    Session Recording
    Sites:, Mendeley, Research Gate, Google Scholar, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook
  2. Safety & Boundaries
    LinkedIn Safety [9:12 min]
    LinkedIn Boundaries [3 min]
    Twitter Safety [8:35 min]
    Twitter Boundaries [5:48 min]
  3. Engaging in Your Chosen Platform
    LinkedIn Connections [5 min]
    LinkedIn Posting a Paper [3 min]
    Twitter Connections [4:37 min]
    Twitter Posting a Paper [5:09 min]
  4. Tools for Developing Your Online Presence
    LinkedIn Tools [6:50 min]
    Twitter Tools [9:29 min]
  5. Strategies for Engagement
    Strategies for Engagement Intro [3:29 min]
    LinkedIn Strategies for Engagement [6:45 min]
    Twitter Strategies for Engagement [8:33 min]

Questions regarding social media? Contact us at


The Office of Faculty Development is hosting a series of events focusing on Research in Medical Education for our faculty.


  1. Confused about Open Access? Publishing Models Unraveled
    Are you getting ready to submit a manuscript for publication and are curious about whether to choose the Open Access option? This video provides the basics on three publishing models you may encounter, the subscription model, open access model and hybrid model.
  2. The Art of the Research Question
    Presented by Jonathan Kibble, Ph.D.-  February 26, 2019
  3. Program Evaluation 101
    Presented by Magdalena Pasarica, M.D., Ph.D. & Andrea Berry, MPA – August 18, 2017
    Session Recording
  4. Presentation Tips and Techniques
    Presented by Analia Castiglioni, MD & Monica Bailey, MA – September 22, 2017
    Session Recording
    Handout 1
    Handout 2
  5. Principles of Survey Design in Health Professions Education*
    Presented by Anthony Artino Jr., PhD, CAPT, MSC, USN  – September 28, 2017
    Session Recording
  6. Systematic and Cochrane Review*
    Presented by Morris Gordon, MBChB, MMed, PhD – October 16, 2017
    Session Recording
  7. Submitting a Successful IRB Protocol*
    Presented by Jennifer E. Neal-Jimenez, MD, MS, MSB, CCRP – October 27, 2017
    Session Recording
  8. Mixed Methods: Looking Beyond the Numbers
    Presented by Anya Andrews, PhD, PMP – January 12, 2018
  9. Getting Published in Medical Education 
    Presented by Dr. Morris Gordon – August 12, 2016
    Session Recording
  10. Identifying and Starting Your Project
    Presented by Shalu Gillum, JD, MLS, AHIP and Monica Bailey  – August 26, 2016
  11. Tips for Publishing and Presenting Your Work 
    Presented by Dr. Elias Giraldo, Dr. David Harris, Dr. Saleh Rahman, Andrea Berry, MPA, and Monica Bailey, MA – September 16, 2016
    Editorial Panel Notes
  12. Writing Your First Draft: Discussion Storylines*
    Presented by Dr. Lorelei Lingard  – October 14, 2016
    Session Recording
  13. Resources for Research
    Presented by Anya Andrews, Ph.D., Julia Soulakova, Ph.D., Elise Dantuma, MBA, Shalu Gillum, JD, MLS, AHIP , Natasha Williams, MLIS and Angie Griffin – October 28, 2016
    Research in Medical Education Resources
    Peer Review Worksheet
    Session Recording
  14. Get Published Now!
    Presented by Latha Ganti, MD, MS, MBA, FACEP – November 18, 2016

*Indicates that session recording is for UCF COM staff and faculty only. Select Webcourses to view session recording.

Faculty Development Library

Come visit our faculty development library, located in office COM 406-B.

To view our current listing of books, click here.

If you are interested in reading a book we do not currently have, email and we will be happy to possibly order it for you.

Med Ed Minute

Site Specific Faculty Development Programs

Faculty Groups

Women in Medicine & Science (GWIMS) Faculty Interest Group

The Group on Women in Medicine and Science (GWIMS) advances the full and successful participation and inclusion of women within academic medicine by addressing gender equity, recruitment and retention, awards & recognition, and career advancement. The group participates and organizes a number of activities and events, such as a book club, forums, and participation in conferences. For more information about the UCF COM GWIMS faculty interest group, please contact Lacy Stallings


Meaningful and Impactful Learning Environments (MILE) is a faculty led interest group for faculty to discuss new teaching ideas and strategies, problem-solve teaching challenges and review developments in the field of medical education.

For more information about joining the MILE faculty interest group, please contact Amanda Ramos.