Mission of the Center

  1. Provide a safe learning environment for the undergraduate medical curriculum to teach and assess students in a patient-centered care. The center will achieve this by providing well trained Standardized Patients and staff, as well as, state of the art simulation equipment.
  2. Develop a line of extramural work for training of medical personnel outside UCF.

Vision Statement

The Clinical Skills and Simulation Center will serve as the nidus for a comprehensive health sciences simulation program for the UCF-Lake Nona complex.

Due to COVID-19, our center is not conducting regular operations.

UCFCOM stakeholders seeking to collaborate with CSSC to implement simulation activities during the COVID-19 pandemic should review our CSSC COVID-19 Flexible Operations Plan for guidance on criteria used to determine whether a simulation event will be classified as online, hybrid, or on-site/face-to-face (F2F). Please contact Analia Castiglioni, MD, Medical Director of CSSC at Analia.Castiglioni@ucf.edu or Mary Ann Reiner, Standardized Patient Program Manager at Maryann.Reiner@ucf.edu with questions or for activity planning needs. To understand your responsibilities when attending on site events, please visit the following guides: