Standardized patients play a key role in medical education. They are carefully recruited and trained to portray a real patient scenario providing medical students educational development in a simulated clinical environment. The standardized patient accurately and consistently recreates the history, personality, physical findings, and emotional responses of an actual patient and/or a patient’s significant other. Medical students, under the supervision of physician educators, work with standardized patients to practice physical examination, history‐taking, diagnostic, and communications skills.

Students also learn clinical skills through interactions with Physical Exam Teaching Associates (PETAs), Genitourinary Teaching Associates (GTAs), and Male Urological Teaching Associates (MUTAs). The main role of Physical Exam Teaching Associates (PETA) is to teach a focused physical examination without the assistance of faculty. They also serve as patient models and provide students a chance to practice exam techniques. Genitourinary Teaching Associates (GTAs) and Male Urological Teaching Associates (MUTAs) teach techniques and protocol for performing the gender-specific physical examination to students, using him or herself as a demonstration and practice model. They also provide feedback to the students in a supportive environment for skill development and practice. A GTA is a female standardized patient who is trained to teach a focused breast and pelvic examination. A MUTA is a male standardized patient who teaches a routine male genital-rectal examination.

How to become a Genitourinary Teaching Associate (GTA)?

To become a Genitourinary Teaching Associate complete the GTA Application and send a resume & cover letter to

Once the application has been received and reviewed, selected candidates will be contacted by our HR liaison to set up an interview. Interviews take place periodically during the year. Working as a Standardized Patient is considered an hourly temporary job. The hours will depend on the needs of the events throughout the year.

The UCF College of Medicine hires individuals of all ages, ethnicities and physical characteristics for this program. Acting experience is not required, but an interest in medical education is essential. Employment is available on an hourly intermittent basis depending on the needs of the curriculum.

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