Every enrolled student will have a student account which lists all direct charges to be assessed for the upcoming/current payment period and all awarded aid that is expected to be disbursed for that period after enrollment verification has occurred. This account can be viewed at my.ucf.edu.

The student is responsible for any balance remaining after all direct charges and financial aid awarded have been considered. All balances must be paid (or deferred by financial aid) by the published due date.

Financial Aid Deferment

If the student has financial aid awarded to cover tuition and fees and/or other expenses, the balance due will be deferred in anticipation of financial aid payments. This is done automatically so long as the financial aid has been approved and accepted.

Please refer to your M.D. Billing Statement found on your Student Center on myUCF. You will be able to see your tuition and fees, as well as your Anticipated Aid and Balance Due.

When your financial aid disburses, it will pay off the Amount Due. If for any reason you are not eligible to receive your awards, then the charges on your account will become your responsibility to pay.

Please note that the amount of the Anticipated Aid is an estimate until after the actual disbursement date (approximately 7-14 days into the start of the August class period and approximately 7-14 days into the start of the January class period), at which time award amounts are finalized and are paid to the student’s account.

Financial Aid Disbursement

Financial aid is paid/credited to the student’s account once enrollment is verified and funds are transferred. Enrollment verification cannot take place until after the first week of classes. Students will not have their aid disbursed until enrollment has been verified.

Estimated financial aid disbursement dates are 7 days after the first day of classes for each payment period in the academic year.

It is very important that students sign up for direct deposit in order to receive financial aid refunds quickly and securely. The link to set up direct deposit is found on your Student Center on myUCF