As students learn the importance of encouraging patients to change their lifestyle to move toward a state of optimal health, our office also offers encouragement, support and opportunities for students to engage in behavior and practices for a healthy lifestyle. The wellness skills learned during the formative years of medical school will help students continue to grow personally and professionally over long careers as practicing physicians. Our office works to develop and help implement measures to improve medical students’ wellness. In order to accomplish this goal, we will work together with students, residents, faculty, and staff, fostering collaborations that will lead to a culture of excellence and well-being.

Wellness tips and events are offered throughout the school year in support of personal wellness. Take a look at our most recent event!

The “Paws-a-tively Stress Free” event was in collaboration with Counseling Services and organized for students to help them take a break and relieve stress. Wellness events organized by our office are developed based on topics that contribute to personal growth and positive life habits.

In addition to events that promote well-being, we can help you create a plan to establish the following healthy habits:

Balancing Academics and Social Activities: Focus on setting priorities and managing time to ensure academic success and a positive social life.

Good Sleep Habits: Learn how to apply useful techniques to help get a good night’s rest.

Making Time to Exercise: Learn how to create a realistic schedule to incorporate exercise into your day.

Nutrition: Always look for opportunities to explore healthy eating habits and nutrition.

Interested in one or more of these topics? Contact The Office of Student Academic Support Services  for more information.

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