Medical school is a particularly trying time and it is normal to feel overwhelmed at times. There is so much to learn, long hours of lectures and studying, as well as outside stressors that can impact students. Additionally, the stress and adjustment of medical school is sometimes a catalyst for the onset of anxiety or depressive symptoms and/or feelings of psychological burnout. Sometimes students are able to handle this stress on their own or by talking to friends and family. But, many times students need additional, unbiased support. Counseling & Wellness Services (CWS) at the Health Sciences Campus at Lake Nona is available to provide this support. Many of the students that come to CWS are the ones who want to learn to cope with the demands of medical school more effectively and are striving for greater balance and wellness in their lives. Others seek counseling to deal with broader life and relationship issues. Whatever the focus, students are encouraged to seek the support they need to be successful.

Please visit the Wellness Programs page or Counseling Services page for more in depth information on what CWS has to offer.