Dr. Stephen Lambert was born in Ireland, grew up in England and Singapore and attended the University of Hertfordshire where he studied applied biology. He received his Ph.D. in medical biochemistry in Johannesburg, South Africa. He came to America in 1987 and carried out post-doctoral studies in Hematology at Tufts, before moving to Duke and carrying out studies in the area of molecular and cellular neuroscience with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Dr. Lambert was a faculty member in the Cell Biology department at the University of Massachusetts Medical School for ten years before moving to UCF. He joined the College of Medicine in August 2008.

Dr. Lambert’s research is in the area of Schwann cell biology and myelination. He has received grants from both the NIH and the Department of Defense. He is currently involved in teaching biochemistry and cell biology in the HB1 module – Human Body: Molecules to Cells and in the S6 Brain and Behavior module at the College of Medicine.



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Book Chapter:

Lambert S (2012). The Cytoskeleton in the Localization and Regulation of Ion Channels. In: N. Sperilakis (Ed.) Cell Physiology Sourcebook (4th Edition), (pp. 475-492). Academic Press (Elsevier).



R01EB009429-01A1 (Lambert PI)
Functional Invitro CNS and PNS myelination model”
1.9M Total costs. 1/4/10-12/31/14

1R01DC010189-01, (Co-I with Dr. Cristina Fernandez-Valle, UCF).
“Identification of novel Drug Targets For Use in Preventing Deafness Caused by NF2”.
$1.8M Total costs 7/1/09-6/30/14.

5R01NS050452-05 (Co-I with Dr. James Hickman, UCF).
“An In Vitro Model of Stem Cell Innervation of Myotubes”.
$2.5M Total costs 2/1/11-1/31/16.

1R01NS062825-01A1, (Co-I with Dr. Cristina Fernandez-Valle, UCF).
“Mechanisms Modulating Cytoskeletal Dynamics During Schwann CellMyelination”
$0.7M Total costs 7/1/09-6/31/11.

Subsystem 2, BEI Center for NP (Lambert PI)
“Subsystem 2”
$115,200 Total Costs 06/06/08-08/05/11

Florida Hospital Endowed Gala Program for Oncologic Research, (Lambert PI)
Florida Hospital
“Effectiveness of ErbB2 inhibitors for treatment of MPNSTs in neurofibromatosis patients”.
$45,000 total costs, 4/1/07-6/31/08

NF 050127, (Lambert PI)
Department of Defence/CDMRP/NFRP
Role of Schwannomin in axo-glial interactions.
$99,686 total costs, 12/15/05-12/14/07.




Permanent Study section member, Fellowship review panel (F03(a) Molecular, Developmental and Cellular Neuroscience, NIH/CSR).


Chair, IIRA peer review panel

Tuberous Sclerosis Program, (ASAMRMC/CDMRP)

Department of Defense.


Study section member, IIRA peer review panel

Neurofibromatosis Research Program, (ASAMRMC/CDMRP) Department of Defense.


Ad Hoc member of the special emphasis panel on Neuroengineering/Neurotechnology (MDCN-K(54), NIH/CSR).


Young Investigator award, International Society of Neurochemistry