Dr. Otto Phanstiel is an active educator at the College of Medicine. He teaches primarily in the core course of the Biomedical Sciences PhD program and as a small-group discussion leader in Human Body 1 module in the medical school.

In addition to his teaching responsibilities at the College of Medicine, Dr. Phanstiel conducts funded research in medicinal chemistry. His research lab develops new therapies to fight cancer and infectious diseases.

The cancer projects focus on the development of new drugs which target cells through their polyamine transporter activity and block the spread of metastatic cancers to other tissues. The development of novel polyamine transport inhibitors provides a method to starve cancers of key polyamine metabolites which limits their growth and the team has shown significant efficacy in several cancer models in vivo.

New research students will learn how to conduct multistep organic syntheses of novel drug candidates and will assist in the biological evaluation of their own compounds.