The College of Medicine welcomed its charter class in fall 2009. The college educates students to become exemplary physicians—leaders in medicine, scholars in science, innovators in medical technology and compassionate providers of health care for the well-being of our community.

Starting a successful medical school at UCF requires the recruitment of highly qualified students who have a strong work ethic, an excellent history of accomplishments, and a heart for medicine.

Through the generous support of our community, we made medical college history with our groundbreaking, four-year Charter Class scholarship program. Each member of our charter class received a full, four-year scholarship with living expenses. This allowed them to select a medical career wherever they desired, independent of financial concerns. With your help, we will continue to build on the College of Medicine’s strong foundation.

Help Students Choose UCF

UCF is committed to recruiting the best students. As a new school developing its reputation and track record, scholarships play an important role in our success in recruiting extraordinary students. You can make this happen.

Future Classes Need You — Someday You May Need Them

The current in-state annual tuition and fees are approximately $30,000 per student.

The scholarship program is critical to the success of the medical school. Offering full or partial scholarships helps highly qualified students with a pioneering spirit choose the UCF College of Medicine. The trailblazing early classes will become a defining element of the fabric and history of the college.

By providing scholarships, donors have a direct impact on the lives and careers of our students. When you support the College of Medicine, you’re supporting our community’s future. After all, one or more of these doctors may someday save your life or the life of someone you love.

Giving Options*

Non-Endowed Gifts:
DescriptionTimeGift Commitment
» Tuition Only1 year$30,000
» Tuition plus living expenses1 year$60,000
» Tuition Only4 years$120,000
» Tuition plus living expenses4 years$240,000

* For in-state students. If you are interested in providing support to recruit the best out-of-state students nationally, please contact Chip Roberts at the address on the right sidebar.

You Can Help

Our students need your support. Scholarships for future classes of the College of Medicine will assist deserving students in becoming leaders and innovators in an environment of opportunity, partnership and diversity.

If you are interested in helping one or more of our students, please contact