First Day Reporting Instructions

  • It is the responsibility of the student to confirm first day reporting instructions by the Wednesday before the start of a new rotation.
  • Some preceptors ask that you contact them prior to the start of the rotation. Please follow these guidelines for communication.
  • First Day reporting instructions can be found in the M4 catalog for each individual course.  The catalog can be found on the M4 Site

First Day Tips

  • Confirm or obtain the preceptors contact information and preferred method of communication
  • Review the course expectations for the rotation

Last Week Tips

  • It is the responsibility of the student to assist in obtaining a completed evaluation for each home or away course.
  • Meeting with your preceptor one on one during the final week will ensure that your evaluation is completed as fast as possible.
  • In order to view your grade in OASIS you must complete the course and faculty evaluations assigned to you.

Things Every Medical Student Should Know about Electives and Acting Internships

  • Students should use the M4 curriculum to increase their knowledge in fields which they have particular interest, to correct deficiencies in fields of importance to their overall medical education, and to explore areas of medicine outside the area of special interest to the studentTHIS TIME IS NOT FREE TIME.  It is to be used productively in amplification of the undergraduate medical education.
  • Students must perform satisfactorily in their required and elective work in order to be promoted and recommended for graduation.  A program of electives should be selected by consultation with a faculty advisor and must be approved by the Associate Dean for Students.
  • Students should discuss their proposed coursework with the faculty member who will supervise and evaluate their performance.
  • Students may not be paid for work performed as part of their elective or required coursework for credit.  Students may not be supervised by a parent or relative.
  • Students should follow the guidelines of the UCF COM Honor Code and UCF Creed while they are completing Electives and Acting Internships.