Students are responsible for having M4 evaluations completed for their M4 acting internships and electives.

Every effort is made by the M4 coordinator to have electronic evaluations sent to the preceptor and completed via OASIS.  Preceptors should receive an electronic copy of the evaluation via OASIS during the last week of the rotation.

Students are highly encouraged to discuss the evaluation with the preceptor during the last week of the rotation and confirm that the preceptor received the evaluation.

Some preceptors would prefer to fill out the evaluation via paper or they might not have received the evaluation via OASIS.  If this is the case please print the appropriate evaluation located on the M4 GPS to give to preceptor that you have been working with.

Please have the preceptor complete the evaluation and return via the following methods.

If preceptors have any questions regarding evaluations please have them contact Mr. Ken Staack, M4 Coordinator at 407-266-1110 or via email at