Community of Practice preceptors play a key role in teaching medical students real-world clinical and communication skills and helping them develop a caring, compassionate bedside manner. At the UCF College of Medicine, students help improve and develop the curriculum by providing continual feedback on the learning and teaching environment. As part of that process, we ask students to  provide feedback on their preceptors. Here are some of their testimonials on the role that these community physicians are playing in their training to be The Good Doctor.

Meet Our Preceptors

Dr. Syed Arshad Ali

Dr. Ali graduated from Dow Medical College, Karachi, Pakistan and began his General Pediatric Residency training at Miami Children’s Hospital, where he also completed fellowships in Pediatric Critical Care and Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care. He is board certified in General Pediatrics and Pediatric Hospital Medicine.


“[My Preceptor] is a great physician and a great role model to students. She did not only teach me how to perform history-taking and physical examination skills, and some laboratory maneuvers, she also showed me how a great doctor should be by touching every patient’s heart through her care and empathy.”

“[My Preceptor] has a ton of textbooks in her office, and has her students look up the conditions we see that day, and explain them to one another in her office. It is a great learning experience! She also allows her students to see all of her patients first, and present our history/interview findings to her. I feel like I got a lot of practice. She also gives her patients excellent care (a full ROS even for follow-ups!), and is a good example to her students.”

“[My Preceptor] is one of the best teacher/physicians I have come across. He stresses critical thinking, provides great constructive criticism, and makes you feel confident while doing so. He will continue to help UCF create strong physicians.”

“[My Preceptor] is an excellent teacher. He challenged me to answer questions confidently, find the answer to clinical questions, set and meet goals every visit. He encouraged critical thinking and also checked on my overall well-being as a mentor. He has a goal-oriented teaching style. We set and met goals at every visit, ensuring that I always left his office having learned and achieved something new.”

“[My Preceptor] is an excellent teacher. She is very good at translating abstract concepts into the clinical setting, and I greatly benefited from my experience.”

“[My Preceptor] is an incredible teacher. She always encouraged me to take the lead and see as many patients as I could. She always gave me great feedback on every presentation and corrected me in a way that would not make me feel bad about myself but rather encourage me to learn more on my own time. Her case discussions were always engaging and educational. I truly enjoyed working with [my Preceptor].”

“I had a great experience and learned a lot. I had plenty of opportunities to practice taking histories or performing the physical exam. I became very comfortable talking with patients and enjoyed seeing what I was learning in class being used in a clinical setting. [My Preceptor] was a great mentor that was always encouraging and challenged me to learn more every day.”