The Community of Practice (COP) program is a longitudinal clinical experience that provides students with an authentic clinical context to promote deeper learning, professional identity formation, and adoption of the values of the profession. Beginning in the M1 year, students are assigned to work with faculty preceptors throughout the Central Florida medical community.  As role models, preceptors help students learn the clinical skills of patient communication and physical examination and begin to develop the habits of inquiry and self-improvement that promote excellence throughout a lifetime of practice. Most importantly, preceptors pass on their own passion for medicine and patient care.

This program is possible thanks to the physicians who generously offer their time to work alongside our medical students. To date, hundreds of UCF College of Medicine students have participated in the COP program and had the opportunity to learn in numerous clinical settings thanks to the dedication of over 80+ preceptors.

If you are passionate about medical education, and would like to help shape the doctors of tomorrow, please consider becoming a COP preceptor!

For more information, contact our Community of Practice Team at


Dr. Joyce Paulson, M.D.
Program Director

Phone: (407) 413-4390