UCF COM Postdoctoral Group (UCF-COM-PDG)

What is UCF-COM-PDG?

The University of Central Florida College of Medicine postdoctoral group (UCF COM PDG) is a group co-founded by Dr. Rashmi Gupta and Dr. Susmita Ghosh in 2019 to address the concerns of postdoctoral researchers at UCF College of Medicine. UCF COM PDG is committed to integrating interdisciplinary professional interests and promoting the development of researchers who are on the path to becoming independent researchers as well as those who are seeking non-academic careers.

UCF COM PDG includes all those who have completed a PhD or MD and are continuing their training in research under the mentorship of a faculty member at UCF-COM (postdoctoral scholars, postdoctoral associates, research associates, research scholars, assistant scientist scholars and others)


Our overall goal is to facilitate research potential, assist in professional advancement and provide a social community to post-docs. Concretely, we operate through bimonthly meetings bringing the post-doctoral researchers together to discuss a myriad of topics in an open-dialogue meeting. Topics range from feedback on research, planning events and sharing career advice.

Some goals include:

  • Developing a sense of community through scientific and social interaction
  • Representing and addressing the issues relevant to postdoctoral researchers by providing a collective voice and liaison between postdocs, faculty, and the administration of The University of Central Florida
  • Easing the transition for postdoctoral researchers
  • Promoting research and help develop skills essential for continued excellence in research careers
  • Fostering both social and professional community among its members


UCF COM PDG consists of several members headed by the group leads. The group leads are volunteers who organize meetings and events and collaborate with UCF Office of Graduate Studies. All are encouraged to volunteer.

Group Leads

  • Rashmi Gupta
  • Susmita Ghosh
  • Mona Mathew
  • Kyle Mamounis
  • Candace Fox

The group leads are expected to meet once a month to discuss various updates and strategies and planning for new upcoming events.

Advisor(s)/Advisory Committee

Dr. Kyle Rohde (Associate Professor, BSBS), and Dr. Mollie Jewett (Associate Professor, BSBS)

Human Resources and Administration questions, please contact Nancy M. Gayton, HR Director, Health Affairs (nancy.gayton@ucf.edu) or Greg Norris, Associate Director, BSBS (greg.norris@ucf.edu).


UCF-COM-PDG is an open group that invites the participation of any postdoctoral scholars, postdoctoral fellows, research associates, research assistant professors and faculty assistants. To participate, contact COMpostdocs@ucf.edu

A Post-Doc’s Guide to Being a Post-Doc

Past Events

Post Doc Chalk Talk on Feb. 13th, 2020

The UCF COM Office for Postdoctoral Research

The UCF COM Office for Postdoctoral Research works to enhance the development and experience of the postdoctoral community. The office provides a combination of administrative initiatives and educational activities.

Visit the Office’s page here