Dr. Christine Kauffman is a board-certified pediatric nephrologist. She began her medical career at University of South Florida and continued on to residency at Tulane Health Science Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. After completing residency, Dr. Kauffman pursued fellowship training in Pediatric Nephrology at Tulane until 2005 when the program closed due to Hurricane Katrina. She then continued her training at University of Virginia.  She was on faculty at the Indiana University School of Medicine with a focus on clinical pediatric nephrology.

The College of Medicine welcomed Dr. Kauffman in September 2011 when her focus shifted to medical education. Her academic efforts are focused on the instruction of clinical skills as the Practice of Medicine I Module Director and the instruction of renal physiology and pathophysiology as the Gastrointestinal and Renal Systems Module Co-Director.  With the help of a group of dedicated faculty, she has worked to develop a longitudinal ultrasound curriculum for the M.D. program.  She continues her clinical practice in pediatric nephrology at the Nemours Children’s Hospital in Orlando, FL.

Dr. Kauffman is a member of the American Society of Pediatric Nephrology and Alpha Omega Alpha.



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