The Faculty Development Medallion Program will specifically acknowledge faculty members who have dedicated a substantial amount of time—75 hours or more—to faculty development initiatives. These initiatives may include workshops, seminars, training sessions, and other professional development activities that contribute to the enhancement of medical or undergraduate/graduate teaching, research, leadership, and service.

The major goal of the program is to acknowledge and celebrate faculty members who invest significant time and effort in their professional development, showcasing their dedication to excellence.  Additionally, faculty can utilize the three milestones of the medallion program as benchmarks to demonstrate continuous professional growth, innovative teaching practices, and scholarly contributions, which are critical for success in promotion, tenure, and annual evaluations.

How can I participate and start earning hours towards the medallion?

The Division of Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) will begin to designate all activities that are eligible for the medallion in the marketing and outlook invitations for each event starting in August 2024.  To earn the medallion, at least 40 hours must be related to teaching and learning development activities.  The remainder of the hours can be a mix of the remaining areas (research, leadership, service).

What activities will count towards the medallion?

All synchronous activities developed, delivered or sponsored by the Division of Continuous Professional Learning will be eligible for credit in the program.  This also includes the Stanford Program and Clinical Teaching Certificate Program. Additionally, some relevant webinars sponsored by CPL will be eligible.  Please look at the marketing materials or calendar invitations for the following graphics to confirm.