Outstanding accomplishments of University of Central Florida faculty members are recognized annually through a number of college and university level award programs. Each award program is summarized below and includes a weblink to general information and award schedules.

University Awards

Research Incentive Award (RIA)

The Research Incentive Award recognizes faculty who have an outstanding research, scholarly, or creative record that advances the body of knowledge in their field.


Teaching Incentive Program (TIP) Award

The Teaching Incentive Award recognizes faculty with who demonstrate; (a) a record of credit and/or graduate hour productivity, (b) continued commitment to instruction, (c) teaching effectiveness, and (d) high quality, innovative and creative instruction.

Excellence in Graduate Teaching Award

One Excellence in Graduate Teaching award is available through this program for the College of Medicine. The recipient of this award shall receive a one-time payment of $2,000.

Excellence in Research Award

One Excellence in Research Award is available through this program for the College of Medicine.

Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award

The Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award recognizes outstanding undergraduate-level teaching. One award is available through this program for the College of Medicine.

Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL) Award

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning award recognizes faculty who make outstanding contributions to the scholarship of teaching and learning within their discipline and/or to the teaching and learning community.

LIFE at UCF Women Faculty Recognition Award

In partnership with Life at UCF, Faculty Excellence will celebrate women faculty again this year whose scholarship, teaching and/or service advance the success of undergraduate and graduate students with the LIFE at UCF Women Faculty Recognition Award. The “Commitment to do Extraordinary Things” is the focus of this year’s award. It is designed to celebrate a successful initiative spearheaded by an applicant or nominee. The effort must have an academic focus and be within the last five years or ongoing. Applicants must have a leadership role in the initiative, and be able to explain the current or future impact. Efforts can be formal, such as a memorandum of understanding, or informal, such as a service-learning project. Initiatives can be funded or unfunded.

Pegasus Professor Award

The Pegasus Professor award recognizes excellence in the three primary areas of academic endeavor: teaching, research and service. Award recipients shall receive a one-time payment of $5,000 as well as a Pegasus statue.

Trustee Chair Professorship

The UCF Trustee Chair Professorships were established to both retain outstanding UCF faculty and attract exceptional faculty to UCF. Professorship is a multi-year appointment awarded to employees with an extraordinary record of accomplishment in the three primary areas of academic endeavor: teaching, research and service. The objective of this appointment is to recognize and celebrate outstanding performance with a title and resources commensurate with accomplishment.

Women of Distinction Award

The Women of Distinction awards highlight the achievements of outstanding faculty at UCF. Three awards will be given each year for “Excellence in Research and Creative Works.” Accomplishments must be from the past year and have demonstrated impact in or outside of the UCF community. The committee looks to recognize what our faculty have accomplished during unprecedented times.

Women’s History Month Recognition Award

March is Women’s History Month and UCF has celebrated this event for the past few years by recognizing and applauding one woman faculty member for each day of the month with the Women’s History Month Recognition Award. These amazing women have been recognized for their dedication to the advancement of all women in academia – from transforming the lives of our undergraduate and graduate students to mentoring colleagues to sharing their talents with community members in need.

Reach for the Stars Award

The UCF Reach for the Stars Award honors and rewards highly successful research and creative activity accomplished by early-career university professionals.

University Travel Awards

The University Travel award supports the objective in our strategic plan to “Double the number of national and international recognition of faculty and student excellence by 2021, and quadruple recognition by 2035”. The award supports travel for faculty who are being recognized for a distinguished achievement or having a significant honor bestowed upon them in addition to supporting travel for faculty presenting their research or creative work.


College of Medicine Faculty Awards

UCF College of Medicine Faculty Awards

College of Medicine Faculty are recognized at the UCF COM awards ceremony which takes place every year near or during October. The core faculty awards and nomination processes are described in detail in the criteria document linked below. A call for nominations announcement is sent out each year by the Faculty Life Office.

2023 Awards Criteria