CobbleStone and Legal Review
All contracts must be submitted for review and approval through CobbleStone, the university’s contract management system prior to execution by UCF.  This enables the attorneys and other required approval authorities to access and review the documents. All UCF employees can access CobbleStone by logging in with their NID and password

What is the Average amount of time it should take for Legal Review?
For most contracts, departments should expect a minimum of 10 business days for the initial legal review to be completed. This assumes the contract is submitted to CobbleStone with complete information including the scope of work, effective dates, financial obligations, and other basic information necessary to enable a legal review.  

If a contract does not contain basic information, violates state statute or federal law, or creates an unreasonable risk of liability for the university, the attorney will return the contract to the department with necessary revisions. Once the third party has accepted the revisions, the contract will be processed for signature by the legal office.   All contracts must be completed and signed by both parties in advance of any services being performed
Checking the status of a contract in CobbleStone
To search for a contract:
 If you know the contract number, enter the number into the “search” field at the top of the main CobbleStone window. Click on the magnifying glass to search. This will bring up all contracts with that number (i.e. – searching for 7500 will bring up contract #7500 as well as any contracts valued at $7,500). If you are the Requester (owner) of a contract, the contract number is located in the CobbleStone system emails you have received. Click on View Contract.

If you do not know the contract number, enter a term in the search field. Click on the magnifying glass to search. (i.e. – searching “Bus” will bring up all bus contracts. Searching “Agreement” will pull up too many results and will not be useful). Click on View Contract.

To check the status of a contract:
 Locate the contract record and look at the “Status” field in Section 1. Some common statuses are:
• Requester Review = The person who “owns” the contract currently has the contract.
• Legal Review = The contract is with an attorney for review.
• Legal Administrative = The contract is with the contract coordinator for processing. Check back.
• Authorized Signer Review = The contract is out for signature.
• Initial Submission Saved = The document has NOT yet been submitted.
• If the status lists a department or unit, it means that it is currently with that department or unit for review or approval.
*NOTE: Section 2. Employee = The name of the employee who currently has the record.
CobbleStone Training and Resources
There are several short, helpful training videos which can be accessed on the home screen of CobbleStone under the “Help” tab on the tool bar. 

In addition, training for CobbleStone is available online. Trainees may register for the training through UCF’s PeopleSoft system at  where they will then select “Learning and Development” from the “Employee Self-Service” tab. They will then select “request training enrollment” and can search by course name for “CobbleStone” and then follow the prompts. Within a few minutes, the Webcourse will be available in the trainee’s Webcourses, accessed at and accessible with a NID and NID password. The training is about one hour long. Questions about accessing PeopleSoft or Webcourses can be directed to your local IT department.