Dr. Naveed Sami is an experienced board-certified dermatologist and Professor of Medicine at the UCF College of Medicine. In addition to caring for all aspects of general dermatology, he has a keen interest and expertise in complex medical dermatology with a specific focus in autoimmune and autoinflammatory skin diseases, including autoimmune blistering diseases (such as pemphigus and pemphigoid), rheumatic/ connective tissue diseases (such as lupus and dermatomyositis), vasculitis, sarcoidosis, lichen planus, eczema, and psoriasis. He enjoys working in partnership with primary care providers and specialists.

Dr. Sami is a thought-leader who regularly contributes to peer-reviewed medical publications, and recently compiled a medical textbook with national and international experts outlining the treatment of autoimmune blistering diseases.

Recent Publications:

  1. Hunt KM, Klager S, Kwak YJ, Sami N. Successful systemic treatment outcomes of lichen planus: A single-center retrospective review. Dermatol Ther. 2021 May;34(3):e14903. doi: 10.1111/dth.14903. Epub 2021 Mar 7.PMID: 33605044
  2. Kridin K, Ahn C, Huang WC, Ansari A, Sami N. Treatment Update of Autoimmune Blistering Diseases. Dermatol Clin. 2019 Apr;37(2):215-228. doi: 10.1016/j.det.2018.12.003. Epub 2019 Feb 14.PMID: 30850044 Review.
  3. Keeley JM, Bevans SL, Jaleel T, Sami N. Rituximab and low dose oral immune modulating treatment to maintain a sustained response in severe pemphigus patients. J Dermatolog Treat. 2019 Jun;30(4):340-345. doi: 10.1080/09546634.2018.1510173. Epub 2018 Sep 7.PMID: 30086663.
  4. Bevans SL, Parker J, Ivey JM, Pavlidakey P, Sami N. Rituximab as an Adjuvant Rescue Treatment for Ocular Cicatricial Pemphigoid. Cornea. 2021 Feb 15. doi: 10.1097/ICO.0000000000002683. Online ahead of print.PMID: 33591038.
  5. Jensen JD, Delcambre MR, Nguyen G, Sami N. Biologic therapy with or without topical treatment in psoriasis: what does the current evidence say? Am J Clin Dermatol. 2014 Oct;15(5):379-85. doi: 10.1007/s40257-014-0089-1.PMID: 25027461 Review.
  6. Dai C, Shih S, Ansari A, Kwak Y, Sami N. Biologic Therapy in the Treatment of Cutaneous Sarcoidosis: A Literature Review. Am J Clin Dermatol. 2019 Jun;20(3):409-422. doi: 10.1007/s40257-019-00428-8.PMID: 30895525 Review.
  7. Sami N. Nasal, pharyngeal, and laryngeal pemphigus vulgaris successfully treated with rituximab. Ear Nose Throat J. 2017 Apr-May;96(4-5):E35-E38.PMID: 28489243.
  8. Bevans SL, Sami N. The use of rituximab in treatment of epidermolysis bullosa acquisita: Three new cases and a review of the literature. Dermatol Ther. 2018 Nov;31(6):e12726. doi: 10.1111/dth.12726. Epub 2018 Oct 3.PMID: 30284354 Review.
  9. Cole EF, Sami N, Feldman RJ. Updates on diagnosis and management of autoimmune blistering diseases. G Ital Dermatol Venereol. 2020 Feb;155(1):46-64. doi: 10.23736/S0392-0488.19.06517-9. Epub 2019 Dec 4.PMID: 31804056 Review.
  10. Oak AS, Seminario-Vidal L, Sami N. Treatment of antiviral-resistant recurrent erythema multiforme with dapsone. Dermatol Ther. 2017 Mar;30(2). doi: 10.1111/dth.12449. Epub 2016 Nov 18.PMID: 27860166.

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