Dr. Luciana Garbayo received her MD from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and holds a PhD and MA in Philosophy. She was previously an Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Texas El Paso. Dr. Garbayo then transitioned to teaching at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in the Doctoral Bioethics Program. Her subject matter included Applied Ethics and Public Health. She later went on to work as faculty in Medical Education Reform. During this time period, Dr. Garbayo was also appointed as a visiting scholar at multiple prestigious medical institutions; Yale-Hastings Ethics Program, Massachusetts General Hospital, Tufts Medical Center and Harvard Medical School.


Dr. Garbayo joined the University of Central Florida in 2015. She is jointly appointed as an Assistant Professor in the College of Arts & Humanities, Department of Philosophy and the College of Medicine in the Department of Medical Education. Dr. Garbayo is the Longitudinal Curriculum Theme Director for Medical Ethics and Humanities in the M.D. program and is responsible for implementing ethical topics throughout the four-year curriculum. Dr. Garbayo has over 19 years in teaching and student advising experience. Dr. Garbayo has taught ethics and philosophy-based courses in both undergraduate and graduate level programs. She has also advised numerous Masters and Doctoral level students with their program theses. Dr. Garbayo was previously awarded the esteemed Teaching Distinction Award from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro for her work on curriculum development and delivery of the course.


Dr. Garbayo is currently involved in multiple Philosophy-based research projects, some topics include: ethics in the medical practice, prescriptive and descriptive philosophy of medical decision-making medical simulation and future studies and measurement and metrics in epidemiology. She is actively involved in numerous organizations, and has been an elected member of the American Philosophical Association Committee for Hispanics/Latinos and previously held the role of President of the New Mexico Texas Philosophical Society from 2011-2014. Dr. Garbayo speaks fluent Portuguese, Spanish and English and is semi-fluent in French and Italian.


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Book Chapters

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