Dr. Jayant Deshpande has his Masters in Public Health and a Doctorate of Medicine. He began his career as an Assistant Professor and Attending Physician at John Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland. He blossomed rapidly in his career, becoming a tenured Associate Professor of Pediatrics & Anesthesiology and Director of the Division of Pediatric Critical Care and Anesthesia in six short years. He continued many professional years with Vanderbilt University Medical Center under many faculty and hospital appointments, concluding with an Adjunct Professor affiliation with the Department of Anesthesiology. Over the next eight following years, Dr. Deshpande taught as a tenured Professor at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. During four of these years, he served as Senior Vice President/Chief Quality Officer/ Associate Medical Director for the Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock, and the next four years as Chief Medical Officer. Simultaneously, he served as Director of the Jonathan Bates, MD Center for Improving Children’s Health and Endowed Pediatrics Chair for the Arkansas Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Deshpande joined the UCF College of Medicine in 2020 as a Professor of Pediatrics and shares an affiliation with the nearby Nemours Children’s Hospital. He has been in practice for more than 20 years. His professional experience has been recognized by a number of awards and elected leadership positions, notably his recent position as the Harvey and Bernice Jones Endowed Chair in Pediatrics and elected member of the Academic Pediatrics Society. In addition to his teaching, administrative service, and clinical care, Dr. Deshpande has participated in numerous research programs over the expanse of his career. He has served as Principal Investigator on a number of institutional and state grants, including a CDC grant. He currently has over 61 peer-reviewed publications and 30 book chapters. His professional expertise has been sought after by a number of corporations and medical advisory boards, leading to research and scientific consultation by Dr. Deshpande.

Recent Publications:

Peer Reviewed:

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Book Chapters:

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Education & Specialties

  • Doctorate in Medicine, University of Tennessee, Mephis, TN
  • Master of Public Health, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, TN


  • Anesthesiology
  • Pediatrics
  • Quality and Safety
  • Intensive Care

Research Interests:

  • Pediatric Medicine

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