Deedra Walton joined the UCF College of Medicine faculty in 2009.  As Head of Electronic Resources, Ms. Walton successfully created an electronic resources collection for a new virtual health sciences library.  Her ongoing responsibilities include managing the library’s electronic resources budget, collection development, negotiating with vendors, partnering with UCF Legal Counsel to license electronic resources, content management and maintenance of electronic resources on the library’s website, managing the library’s ez-proxy for off-campus access, cataloging, and serving as acting director in the absence of the library director.

Ms. Walton is the personal librarian for a group of students as part of the library’s personal librarian program.  In this role she also provides support in the Practice of Medicine 1 and 2 modules and the Focused on Individual Research Experience (F.I.R.E).  Additionally, she serves as a faculty library liaison to multiple College of Medicine curriculum modules.  Ms. Walton is responsible for maintaining the official College of Medicine student textbook list displayed on the Health Sciences Library’s website.

Prior to UCF, Ms. Walton was the Systems Librarian for the Health Sciences Library at Orlando Health.

Ms. Walton has a M.L.S. in Library Sciences from Texas Woman’s University.  She is an active member in the Medical Library Association, Southern Chapter/Medical Library Association and the Florida Health Sciences Library Association.  She is a distinguished member of the Academy of Health Information Professionals (AHIP) and is an assigned mentor to several provisional AHIP members.  Ms. Walton also a member of the Florida Collaboration of Academic Libraries of Medicine (FCALM) and is responsible for negotiating statewide deals for electronic resources on behalf of the 8 academic libraries in Florida.  Ms. Walton also represents the Florida academic medical libraries on the Florida Council of State University Libraries (CSUL) Collection Advisory Committee and Shared Information Task Force.



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