By | November 12, 2010 12:00 am

You may be seeing a video crew around the UCF Health Sciences Campus this Tuesday. That’s because the College of Medicine is being featured at an Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) national conference in December.

IHI is an independent, non-profit organization that works to improve healthcare across the world. Members of the organization will meet in Orlando Dec. 5-8 and have chosen to highlight several medical school programs that put a focus on improving the quality of patient care. IHI asked the College of Medicine to participate and is sending a video crew to document the college, its faculty members, students, innovative curriculum and facilities.

Founded in 1991, the institute believes “patients deserve safe and effective health care, and we’ve been working with health care providers and leaders throughout the world for more than 20 years to fulfill that promise,” according to its web site.

During its day of filming, the video crew will learn how the college’s high-tech, innovative curriculum puts a premium on patient care. The crew will get tours of the Anatomy Lab and the Clinical Skills and Simulation Center to learn how the College of Medicine is training a new type of physician for the 21st century. And the crew will be updated on the college’s work to be the first medical school in the U.S. to begin the World Health Organization’s patient safety curriculum.

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